The system and I are one

I have noticed that some of us including myself can pursue process but vehemently deny their connection with the system. This constitues yet another form of separation which makes Desteni an island difficult to reach for others.

This has been my observation in the past few weeks but in my last interaction with the forum it has surfaced in a pronounced fashion. For myself, I need to recognise that I am part of the system in order to take up the responsiblity to change it, therefore I need to see humanity as a whole with every janitor, scientist, and polititian as part of what I see as the whole. So denying their contributions to the system, is also denying myself, instead I aim to see their contribution without judgement, but as platform for me to work from in order to change the world we have accepted.

In actuality, the system itself is not hiding its outcome of what we have lived, accepted and perpetuated. No one who is honest needs Desteni wisdom, in terms of portal information, to see that the world is in an unacceptual state. For those who want to see it, it is clear, and those people are janitors, scientists and politicians. People like Krishamurti rejected all beliefs and features of the system we lived in. Granted he did not have any tools to pass on to others, but he did recognise that each one of us exists as the system and that we must change on an individual basis. David Bohm, the nuclear physicist who had close ties to Krishnamurti understood that we are a self-distructive and unequal system that desperately needs to change. Another example is Suu Kyi whose “freedom of fear” speech shows that she precisely understands the mechanisms by which the system perpetuates itself. Here, I am not saying that all these people had fullfledged answers, I am saying is that these people had made observations similar to mine and other people who have now joined Desteni.

My point is that unless I recognise all what is here as system that I am part of without denying, scourging, or dimissing any of it, only then can I make changes. Those who have attempted to make changes, or at least those who have made changes to see from the perspective that all parts of the system must change, should be recognised for that. The danger otherwise is cutting oneself off, and not living as equal to all- all of humanity- which cannot be empty words but must mean standing with every bit that there is.

I am aware that there are abusers in the world who have made it their job to stalk the Desteni forum. Mr. Sandman, for example is a typical stalker archetype and there are others. Stalking the forum to find bits and pieces so that these people can centre their attention upon says of course more about themselves than about the people who are pursuing their process of change. Again, anyone in the honest mind can see this. This type of archetype has been around for centuries, it is part of the system. Nowadays with digital and socially-oriented technologies, this archetype has more strength to congreate in larger numbers, just like the people who want the system to change. I am no stranger to this archetype, I have been subjected to it as well. One of my recent stalkers might even be reading this post.

I also understand that the group has to be kept filtered from people who present possible contamination with ideas or jeopardise the effectiveness of the group’s message. Again, this is a fine balance that has to be struck, not to cause separation from the understanding that we are one humanity which includes all janitors, scientists, and politicians who understand that the system is unacceptable.

I was born into this world priviledged, I have never starved a day unless I had chosen to do so. I have no recollection to how I got here, I was born on this planet into a middle class family. I could have been born into a different family, not of middle class. When I say “I” I do not mean this body but I mean this limited awareness that I have on the fact that I have a body that I operate consciously or unconsciously. In the many years on this planet, I have steadily made efforts to understand the absurdity of things and find ways to end the collective misery. I have experienced misery, discrimination and hardship in my life, and perhaps that has been helpful for me to understand that I must dedicate my life to evoke changes on this planet. At the same time, I have never been a full member of any club. I have always kept a critical eye on things which has made it possible for me to “upgrade” my insights without getting stuck. Although I have forgone relationships, marriage and children I do not deny that I have participated in this system with every breath. At the same time I have persistently looked at things differently and highlighted that difference in my own life and work, as far as I understood them at the time.

I am with Desteni because of the structure it provides via the tools, the assistance, and the fundamental understanding that change is a complete transformation that requires relentless commitment. However, it is my path that I can look back upon that has got me here in the first place, I will not deny, erase, or negate my path so far, I can only stand as one and equal to it. Moreover, there are others like me, they are janitors, scientists, and polititians. I stand as equal to their path as I stand to mine.


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