Starting over!

Since I joined the Desteni forum in August ’10 so many things have happened.  I joined Desteni during a time in my life when I was in the middle of a very heavy writing project. During the last few months I have seen the struggle with mind possession and my ego refusing to cooperate, to be able to stay involved with the forum as much as I was involved with my project. The only way I was able to maintain the connection to the process of self-forgiveness, was through typing self-forgiveness statements on my computer. The step to publish on my blog caused so much inner resistance that I sabotaged my project and was unable to perform efficiently. So I had to make a decision to accomplish a tough deadline for this project. This decision was to continue writing self-forgiveness statements, and to fully participate as member of the Desteni team once I had submitted my project. After Monday, January 10th, the project will have come to an end and I need to honour myself and the decision I made. I am therefore starting over!


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