We are blind to the consequences of our actions!

In this interview DESTENI – Enki explains how “the physical is god” – it is the only reality we have, all else is delusion.

Now if we look at what is going on in the world, at this moment, it demonstrates the absolute reality Enki is describing:

We are currently ‘celebrating’ the 25 year anniversary of Chernobyl. An estimated 1 million people have died because of the Chernobyl disaster that was unleashed through a nuclear power plant accident.

Among the illnesses that have led to death, in those who were affected through large doses of radiation, are numerous forms of cancer and blood diseases.

Furthermore the documentary “Chernobyl heart” (link provided) looks at the unborn generations that came after the accident. It shows clearly that rates of birth defects have increased drastically; mutations, such as children born with their brains outside their skull; deformed and crippled limbs; mutated metabolisms, leaving children in a perpetual state of starvation, are a common occurrence ever since the accident – In the Chernobyl area, even today 25 years later children are born with birth defects.

We have created nuclear power plants and labelled them safe. We have created these power plants from the point of greed and the “need” to make more money to sell more (electronic) goods to enhance our lifestyles. There are no other reasons than that: to create more of what we already have. Bottom line: The incentive of creating nuclear power plants is to “sell”, to make more “money”. Other solutions to provide energy have not been taken into consideration because they exclude maximising the money-making factor.

The radiated zone around Chernobyl is still uninhabitable and anyone going there needs to wear protective clothing although this is not a guarantee that one will stay clear of after effects caused by radiation.

Today, 25 years later we have an even worse disaster on our hands. There has been no change in policy, or anything learned from Chernobyl, instead in Fukushima the reactors use Plutonium, which is even more dangerous in eradicating life when organisms are exposed to it.

Thus, we have exalted in the use of self-destructive materials and created an unprecedented situation for all humans, animals and plants on this planet. No, it was not Japan’s earthquake or tsunami that created the situation, we have created it through greed and self-interest which is our starting position in the building of nuclear power plants.

We have imposed ourselves on the physical world through hubris and greed and now we stand in front of our diabolic creation. Fukushima is the absolute death trap which we have created and we have no answer to reverse this situation. The physical world is showing us clearly that we are helpless and out of control. Whatever humans have touched in the physical world, we have never been able to deal with the consequences of our creations. Insanely, we re-create the same situation over and over again, only each time with harsher consequences. Simply because we are unable to see that the physical is the only existent reality, to which the mind cannot measure up to – it never will. Until we stand up and create conditions that will set this world free of the mind and all mental pursuits, we will never stop to destroy all that is living – unless we change through a process of self-forgiveness.

References (links)

Prof. Busby explaining that you cannot stop the fission leak by pouring concrete onto of the Fukushima reactors. He also mentions that among the hydrogen explosions was a nuclear explosion

Dr. Caldicott talks about the effects of the isotops of the physical body and the world.

This documentary shows what is happening to the generations born after the disaster.


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