Atheists are believers too – without answers for a better world

We would all agree that none of the world religions have succeeded in creating societies without poverty, starvation and war, or have even managed to engender believers with a profound understanding that comprises the egalitarian nature of humans. Even in democratic societies religion still reigns, it negotiates the political and monetary agendas of that society concealed in the accepted beliefs on moral attitudes, right and wrongs, and the general cultural values towards status, justice, and family. Then what about atheist states of this world, it would seem that they have the answer to create significant changes that lead to monetary equality, eradicating starvation, corruption and abuse. But do they?

Historically, atheism on the grand scale has been associate with Communism. In Russia under Lenin all religions were persecuted, which over the years varied with respect to the particular religion and the higher state’s interests.  Similarly, in the early years of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong’s regime deployed severe measures against any religious notions that surfaced in the population.  Over the years these efforts lessened because Mao’s biggest enemy was no longer religion but Capitalism. To eradicate Captialism, the atheist leader was willing to sacrifice a third of the Chinese population. Thus, until today his claim to fame incorporates genocide and crimes against humanity.  The last example of atheists states here is Albania. The Socialist People’s Republic of Albania became a model country of an atheist state that lasted roughly from 1946-1983. Again, it was a totalitarian regime unable to create equal conditions for all of its people that would thwart the persistent links to religion, where people were seeking solace in their struggle for survival.

These are just a few examples that show atheists as leaders do not have any answers, and are just as incapable as leaders with religion, to create a world that is best for all. Through force and violence these regimes come into being and falter because their contributions are based on restrain and inequality. Real-world atheism as expressed on the grand-scale is digressed belief refocused on political dogma which runs amok, generating the same results as religious dogma.

Lasting real-world changes must start with creating conditions of equality for everyone where everyone’s needs are accommodated, and guaranteed to be fulfilled without exception, without fear of an uncertain future. It will never be achieved with violence, and such a transformation needs to take into consideration that we live lives indoctrinated with competition, deception, and fear. Thus the starting point for a gentle transition that acknowledge our shared needs is an equal money system. With equal money, and a guaranteed future of survival, belief or no belief will be irrelevant. In such a system we will learn to live in common sense, and see things for what they are, here on earth. We change to create a world that is truly heaven on earth for everyone.

Let us stand up together and join hands to create an equal money system!

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