Are you fearing the future, parents?

In today’s online news I read the following headlines:  “Meningitis baby gets warning letter over A&E visit cost”; “Student Loan Bubble: The worst investment in history”; “Are American children to be used in medical experiments to test anthrax vaccine?”; “Soil contamination from Fukushima crisis comparable to Chernobyl: study”; “House prices set to head sideways, warn experts”; “Bankers caused the crash and now they strangle recovery”…

Reading these news anyone who is a parent at this time would be scared to raise a child. Our future survival is endangered when our food is toxic, when we are surrounded by ongoing wars that are steadily escalating, when education and health services become unaffordable, and we stand by and watch an economic collapse on a global scale. Yes, any parent would be scared – what’s in it for my child with such a state of affairs.

On the whole parents are well meaning but what many parents do not realise is an obvious truth, so obvious that it escapes their common sense. You, as a parent, just like anyone on this planet, is making the future come into existence. Each one of us is a participant in this future that is apparently generated by someone else ‘out there’. Each one of us is a participant that creates the economic system we live and die by, and by which we raise our children. The fact is, there is no one out there who is imposing this future on us. We make those choices through our participation.

To create a future where our children are fed, and are healthy, and able to obtain a good education is therefore ultimately up to us – parent or not. Many parents will counter this perspective with how busy they are, and that all they do is in support to be the best possible providers for their families. But that is not the issue. The issue is that by maintaining your role as good providers in the current economic system, you are supporting the course of the system which is inevitably one that leading us to annihilation – in every aspect, and in every way of our existence and of life on this planet.

To have any reason not to step out of the rot and see things for what they are, the naked truth of the world as is, is accepting that for yourself and your children, and all the children to come, the future is full of suffering and hardship.  At this time in human existence, we can no longer look away and claim we are too busy, or too entertained, at this time we must rise up and come together to bring about lasting changes that create a better world and future for all of us.

Some of us have already started this process, we are a group called Desteni and we stand for oneness and equality. We understand that our common bond is life, and that all life is equal. A future where this is true, is a future where each person has a guaranteed income from birth to death. Every person has guaranteed education and health care, and in turn, every person participates in the economic reality of equal money through self-responsibility and common sense applied to what is best for all.

What we stand for can be achieved through a peaceful and gradual transition of our current economic system. To do so we have to learn to become the change ourselves through a process called DesteniIprocess. This process is based on re-educating yourself and understanding who you are, why you think what you do, and how that creates your world and that of your children.  The DesteniIprocess will give you a whole new perspective on parenting and put new meaning to the phrase ‘raising your child’. If you were a child today, you would want your parents to get started with creating a certain and happy future – and today, at this moment it’s possible – come join us – become self-responsible in your participation so that the news of tomorrow read life-affirming.

For details on the DesteniIprocess, click here:

For more information, click here:

We are in the process of creating a comprehensive publication on Equal Money where many of your burning questions are answered- we will notify those interested when our book is completed – if you wish to sign up you can do so by clicking on the link below:







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