What will happen to the media in an Equal Money System?

The media in our current political and economic system is a tool that is used to influence the masses in order to generate profit for those in power.  Media channels spread across all different forms of communication whether is it magazines, television, internet or radio, and wealthy media corporations, owned by a few, are able to enforce their agenda in a number of ways.  The tactics used to ‘bend’ the truth can reach from disseminating information that is ‘pro’ a specific issues while the same media conglomerate supports the distribution that is apparently anti-establishment. All the while creating confusion among members of the public, which then allows those who control the media to do just that – to pull the strings that emphasise the priorities of a preset agenda.

There are many examples that can be given in how the media abuses each of the channels that carry news and information to the public. No topic escapes manipulation, whether this is done directly through distortion, or selectively emphasising, or even by withholding aspects of the item in question all together, or it is done by purposefully given a lot of attention to irrelevant topics. For example the clothes a celebrity is wearing, which serves to divert and distract from more important issues that affect millions of people’s lives.

Media corporations pump huge amounts of money into ‘public relations’ to create a machine, which packages news and information with absolute precision with the aim to misrepresent our shared reality. This approach calls for ever new innovations  in how to manipulate and deceive the public. Among the latest of these innovations must be those who are paid by big media conglomerates to blog under false pretense, to spread the propaganda of the preset money agenda. In a nutshell, the way the media operates in the current political and economic system is a form of warfare.

How is this going to change in an equal money system? First of all, let’s establish the key points from which it is fairly easy to envision what the role of the media will be in the future. We know that all members of the community are equal, and have equal news and information that needs to be distributed. We know that in an EMS there is no leadership and thus news and information must come directly from those who are working at the source of the situation or are directly involved with the topic to be reported upon.

This makes it quite clear that the primary role of the media is to facilitate distribution of news and information which is generated by the community. Thus, the overall function of EMS media is regulatory in how news and information is best funnelled through the various communication channels that are globally and equally available to all. As humans we exist in time which makes our interaction sequential. Therefore EMS media will also concern itself in assisting with the prioritising and categorising of news and information so that the individual member can easily navigate the volume of news and information produced by the community.  Another concern for EMS media will be to provide a platform for the transmission of communication in different languages, this needs to include translations services or other support that will make sure that news and information coming in will be accessible in all different languages equally.

News and information is left untreated by the EMS media, it is neither evaluated, nor censored, nor ameliorated as that is the responsibility that lies with each member to decide what is best for all. However, EMS media will consist of several committees that enable members of the public to give feedback on news and information which will then be immediately taken on by the committee, and upon investigation solutions will be implemented. It will also be the responsibility of each member to flag any news item or piece of information that they do not deem as standing in the principle of equality.

Another committee will be formed to consider how the distribution works, while those on the committee will be placed in temporary positions and rotated on the basis of elections. The total number of committees necessary to run the media machine will emerge from the actual implementation of the EMS, including the technology that makes up the forms of media as well as the distribution.


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  1. Cool Manuela – I like the idea of individuals being able to give feedback on the news that is reported to correct abuse – in a way Youtube can then alrteady be taken as a sort of prototype to look at

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