2012 Anusian musings: Change of the unchangeable

In a recent interview by Anu I gained clarity on a particular topic. A topic that has been hovering in the background, waiting – I was waiting for myself to step out, to end the uncertainties about it, not to shy away from it and to get clarity once and for all. Here it goes:

Within numerous contexts, the world around me has reiterated that humans’ life on earth is getting better. Generally speaking, people have longer life expectancies; more people than ever before have access to medical support; more people than ever are literate; more babies than ever survive; more people than ever have clean water – and lastly, I have heard that we all live like kings compared to just a couple of 100 years ago.  Some people have made entire career out of providing the necessary statistical proof that we are in fact evolving and that life on earth, in general, is much better than it used to be (see Hans Rosling’s video for a review). Sure, there are problems but we seem to tackle these sooner or later because we have technologies and knowledge to do so.

On the contrary,  Desteni research has shown that the same basic components of war, abuse, terror, greed, self-interest are operating, like the stagnate components of a machine, keeping us in place although the wheels are spinning. When looking at the opposing pole of our wealth and well-being, we can equally recognise an augmentation of our abusive dimension as well: the hunting of animals till extinction, human trafficking and sex slave trade, the Gaza strip occupation, serial killings disguised as humanitarian wars, the sell out of education, the vaccination of babies and the distribution of psychopharmaca as candy, and so forth. How do these facts tally up when the world wants to make us believe that we are so much better of?

When I listened to Anu’s interview it dawned on me:

“…through my investigations in the very beingness of beings found that within our very presence, essence, substance, manifestation… there is constant change…. and …change meaning there is movement, there is evolution, there is development, there is growth, we are always constantly and continuously in constant change….ehm.. just by our very existence and interactions with existence, there is constant motion of alteration and change….. and if something is too perfect for an extended amount of time, that is questioned because it is not equal to and one with the constant change that is existent as our very selves, our beingness, that would want to come through that perfection and break through it …and… show that it is not real, where our very beingness will supersede the fake reality..”

What Anu is stating is that beyond the mind, beyond the programming we have accepted as us, we are always in change, that change is a constant of our beingness which penetrates the mental entrapment in which we exist.  If we were to discover that there is no change – what Anu called “too perfect” – or what can also be seen as ‘stagnation’, we would become suspicious of our enslaved existence, and may figure out that things are not what they seem. Thus, Anu had to create the illusion of change, which we would then accept as actual change so that our beingness was satisfied. We are therefore less inclined to investigate the reality we are living and creating, because we are living the change of the unchangeable.

The change of the unchangeable permeates all cultural pursuits, all technology, all literature, all music, all communication – all life styles. We experience a change of form, a change of parameters that determine the form, but the essence never changes. From magic circle story telling to social networking – the dimensionality of the form has changed because we have gone from analogue sound waves as spoken words that bounce back and forth between those who sit in the circle, around the fire, listening, waiting, until it’s their turn to tell…  to the story bits and pieces that are thrown up on a website as digitized visual display of binary code and shared with hundreds of virtual friends. Yet, the involved personality constructs, the manipulation through phrasing of word or story fragments, the packaged moralistic condemnations  –  all that which leads and constitutes ‘communication’ of the story  as well as the story content itself, remains stagnant and unchangeable.

I invite you to look at other topics and apply the formula of change of the unchangeable ( for example to movies) and see that Anu has given us another brick in our self-endorsed wall we now take apart and return to source. Interesting times are ahead where we will be living as actual change of the changeable – and that begins with establishing total equality between all that is here.

To de-brick start here: www.desteniiprocess.com

For literature and sounds that uncover the changeable read here: www.eqafe.com



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5 responses to “2012 Anusian musings: Change of the unchangeable

  1. I read you! thanks for sharing, Manuela.

  2. Anna Brix Thomsen

    Awesome blog!

  3. Cool Manuela – this point is indeed staggering: how easily we have been fooled with the illusion of change. Nothing has changed in this world. The world is still dominated by inequality, abuse and suffering – with everyone trying to escape and no-one taking responsibility. We are here to take self-responsibility and stop this fucked up mess – and finally make earth our Home.

  4. Thanks for sharing Manuela, yep it’s time to see and acknowledge that in this existence nothing has really been changing, just the same old patterns changing form, giving us the illusion of change. So it’s time we investigated the patterns that manifest our existence as we know it, and what it is that’s keeping us from changing – to once and for all Stop and bring forth an actual change that will substantially benefit all life equally and enable actual freedom of movement and expression!

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