Gregg Braden has it backwards – is this a case of the blind leading the blind?

Gregg Braden advocates self-change. He gives advice to others in how to go about changing oneself. Though, is he really qualified to do so? Here I will debunk one of his phrases that are meant as support but are in reality quite misleading.

“Don’t look back, you are not going that way” by Gregg Braden

Let’s look at it. There are two parts to this phrase. The first part is about looking back into one’s past. What must be considered here:

You are creating your future from the past – there is no other way because the accumulation of all your thoughts and “imprints” of behaviours from reactions and ego mechanisms will be there with you – no matter where you go. Actually it isn’t a matter of where you go because you can only go to where your past is leading you unless you stop and become self-directive. Unless you look at the ingredients of your behaviour, thoughts and memories –  whereby the “looking at” is not so much a “looking back”, this is in fact implied by the time line that you have walked thus far – a “looking back” denotes a looking inside of who you are, the acceptances and allowances, through self-honesty.

So then the question arises: if you are conglomeration of all that you have lived thus far, how can you magically not be going the way you came from?
The answer to that is: you can’t. What the author is saying with “you are not going this way” is the ignore the past and stay in denial of what you have created over time through participation in thoughts, and output as memories and manifested experiences. In actuality the opposite is the case, as long as you are not looking into by looking back you are exactly going the way you came because you have suppressed your Self so much that you are unaware of the future that you are creating within every breath and in every step.

As we have seen, taking these types of phrases lightly without investigating what they really mean can be misleading and cause stagnation.
If you are truly interested in change, then the first point of change to consider is oneself. There is a thoroughly investigated and solid approach to self-change which is the DesteniIProcess.

If you have questions there is a forum which will answer any and all your questions –


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