World change through individual principled living

Like everyone else on planet earth, I have been educated from the perspective of the culture and society I grew up in. Generally speaking both, ‘culture and society’, constitute the socio-political underpinning of the overarching and worldwide distributed financial system, and regardless where we are located in the world ‘culture and society’ function by and through the role of money – our world system. The teachings I have received throughout my life, whether in school, at home or by religious institutions implicitly reference the prevalent traditions and conditions that serve this financial system, and they also mirror the disintegrated and fragmented manner of our existence. The outcome of this dilemma is that we are limited in developing an awareness towards the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of the various topics and their artefacts, and are paralysed by their large-scale negative impact that affects the world at large in form of pollution, various types of wars, inequality and enslavement. Relationship play outs that result from the failure of working out a system that holistically supports life are most pertinently perceived when they affect our personal existence, which typically alternates in polarisation between success and failure. Though for many, even this polarisation is limited to a life long manifestation of failure instrumented through deprivation and dispossession.


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In the process of creating a better world for the living fabric of earth, we require to change ourselves, to develop awareness that can lead to actions that are focussed on directing the system to a point where we can affect changes that build on the interrelatedness of all things; where we work from the consequences that we potentially create by our actions backwards to the solution. This reverses the current trend where consequences of our collective doing are accumulative and patched up with the sole purpose to keep the world system going. In this context our actions are guided by greed and fear of survival and are implemented, ever so surreptitiously, by principles hatched out by the corporate machine using clandestine methodologies that permeate advertising, entertainment and media in general.

The only way forward from here is to live a principled life that disconnects from the undeclared and disclaimed principles of the world system and for each individual to consciously and deliberately re-connect with the principle of the living.  The importance of this step is to learn to understand the contributions we make to the world from the moment we put a decision into motion, breath-by-breath. A principled living ‘life style’ moves us from the accepted limitations orchestrated by personal memories in form of education, parenting, and cultural traditions, which we justify daily in our personal lives to a new awareness of true choices. In this way, we reconstitute through our own life a daily trajectory where we step-by-step learn to see, understand and realise the significance of the role we play in keeping the status quo of a world in self-annihilation.

This approach to the world and living is not merely a re-focussing, it is a re-orientation of our commitments from the consumption culture, which we ‘naturally’ subscribe to and function within at various levels and are meagrely aware of how we have extended ourselves into it (think of your dreams, wishes and desires) to a holistic view point that includes the role of self –  through the becoming of a self-aware participant. The re-orientation of our commitments to the principle of the living from the staring point of life presents an opportunity of self-education that penetrates the circular limitations of self-reflection that can be seen in many of the system-critical voices of celebrity ‘thinkers’ operating on the forefront in promoting the necessity to change the world, and are evidenced by the static world trajectory plotting the same course in spite of all realisations for change.

The declaration of the principle of the living that I will follow and adhere to can be read in the link below.


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