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How translating Equal Money FAQ texts supports our agreement

Last night as I was sitting down with Gabriel to work on the next French translation of one of the Equal Money FAQs, I realised that doing this work assists us together and individually in multiple ways. Collaborating with Gabriel on these translations is interesting because we are both teacher and student to each other. Although our French skills are on different levels, they are intermittent in complimentary ways.  This gives us the opportunity to discover new terminology, or aspects of tweaking an expression, together.

The translation becomes the central item for interaction where we position ourselves as equals around it. Our roles within that are not pre-defined which requires ongoing awareness of one’s allowed and accepted reactions according to what we have learned from pre-programmed roles in education. In other words, when one is in the student role one easily slips into ways of communicating with inferiority. Likewise, when one is in the role of teaching, the pre-programmed default is to communicate from a place of superiority. Therefore not being established and locked into a role in one’s interaction heightens one’s awareness to detect subtle manipulations, to see when there might be a momentary oscillation going on between a teacher-student and student-teacher reaction, and stand up to correct oneself in breath.

In addition, we support each other as we both approach learning in different ways.  In the process of translating a text, I like to take a moment and thoroughly investigate the different aspects of a term or phrase, which is predicated by having gained an in-depth view on all facets of use of the expression in question. Gabriel on the other hand stresses pronunciation and intonation in much detail.  The result is that these varying emphases, of how we like to learn, are reflective of our strengths and enable us to lift each other up equally.

Then there is the content of the FAQ that assists as well. When translating from one language to another, no aspect of understanding is taken for granted.  Direct translation is often nonsensical and to express the sense of the original in the language to be translated requires one to have a full grasp on the concept that is being conveyed.

Sometimes the nuances of meaning are quite subtle but utterly important in the context of Destonian research. With detailed reviewing of each phrase that is up for translation, I have noticed that new insights come to the forefront as well. Yesterday for example we translated “Can you profit from equality?” In answering the FAQ, Bernard points out that the profit of equality is in the fact that the future is predictable, in that you will have everything you ever needed and wanted.

My new insight here is this: We are pre-programmed beings, and we are born into this world to execute a complex program that is linked to the three minds (conscious, sub- and unconscious), to the collective, and to our ancestors. What will happen to this aspect of our existence in an Equal Money System is that pre-programming is deferred from the mind to the physical. As we let go of the mental pre-programming through the DesteniIProcess, we become creators of our reality – the living word which arises moment-by-moment through breath. Indeed, we become free of the mind!

By contrast, utlising the concept of pre-programming for the physical aspects of our existence, to warrant the phrase “to be taken care of from birth to death”, we create physical freedom because we contain the limitations of our three-dimensional reality so that we can only profit from them- thus pre-programming is the compliment to create our complete freedom from the mind!

Like many of the other Destonian campaigns I have been part of – each one comes to me bearing a gift that I would not want to miss. If you want to experience what I am talking about – simply join us! We are here and we invite you!

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Creating my life through the DesteniIProcess

I have been asking myself if the agreement with Gabriel might have been a pre-programmed situation. The reason for asking myself this question has been twofold. First, we seem to be quite compatible in a basic way of being. Don’t get me wrong I can see that this agreement is taking me apart which is beyond what I was experiencing in my process when I was on my own. I can see that the perceived peaceful inner state I was experiencing then is now in chaos most of the time which means that it was not real, and this is requiring me to look at my issues in much more depth than before.

Second, the timing could not have been better to start an agreement. I had finished my studies and both Gabriel and I had to move from our old flats. In my case I had to move countries because of the enormous cost of living in the UK. It all fit just a tad too well for me not to be skeptical about it. Yet, in the beginning when he and I first met and an agreement was on the table, I dealt with much anxiety of fear of loss of my independence. I had not reckoned with an agreement any time soon and was quite satisfied with my ‘single’ status.

The other day, I mentioned the pre-programmed aspect to Gabriel, who said to me that it is a matter of ceasing one’s opportunity as these open up. After reflecting on this for some time now, I see what he means and found that “ceasing one’s opportunity” comes into play as part of the DesteniIprocess where we learn to make decisions on the basis of a non-energetic state.

I will explain this on a pertinent real-life example. In May of this year, when I was going through the last stages of examination regarding my studies, I was presented with a highly probable opportunity for a job, which entailed becoming part of a research team in a small town in France. At the time, when this opportunity presented itself I was having to cope with things on multiple fronts. I did not want to make a decision out of a situation where I had no clarity in terms of what I wanted to do after my studies once these had been entirely completed, meaning all the last examinations had been done and dusted, and I was free to review my situation. However, the deadline of applying for this job meant I had to furnish the research team with an immediate response. Granted that there were other issues with this job but this was the biggest one. Thus my answer to this opportunity was “no, thank you”.

Some of my colleagues did not understand how I could have let such an opportunity slip through my fingers. Given the economic situation and the overall factor of how interesting this post would have been, from the outside it certainly looked like I was being foolish to let it go. Had this been years ago, before I started the DesteniIprocess, I would have been probably too fearful to say ‘No’ even if I really wanted to. I would have been afraid of how difficult it would be to find a suitable job and would have convinced myself to take it because of my inferior position towards the point of being without work.

This is not to say that I am fearless when it comes to not having a job and making money, or that I do not long for security. What it says is that my starting point for making a decision has changed and that, in this instance, I did not operate from my typical pre-programmed way of acting in the world that I know has influenced my previous decisions on jobs and matters of having to do with being secure in the system.

If we look at the trajectory that follows, having not ceased this job opportunity, I was able to cease the agreement opportunity because I was still in the UK at the time when Gabriel came to participate in a business meeting. This enabled us to meet up and connect in physical space, which later prompted the agreement. Ceasing an opportunity from the starting point of self rather than from the starting point of pre-programmed reaction, then let me create my life where I was able to choose an agreement with another, and begin to investigate myself in relation to intimacy and shared living with other Destonians. Hence it was through the DesteniIprocess that I was able to change my life situation.

Since I started the DesteniIprocess I have understood that every breath is accumulative in the process of creating my life and that these decisions are really composed of minute moment-to-moment maneuvers in the world. Only if I understand who I am here in every moment can I become self-directive and stand as a self, as one and equal to all that is here.


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