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Anu, the Reptilian God in 2012 – A Revelation!

Last night I listened to Anu’s return – the first interview in series of six. It was for the first time in a handful of years that he spoke again. Then, Anu was speaking as the god he perceived himself to be, he wallowed in the power he perceived himself to have over his creation. This interview, his comeback, was a different approach. The most striking aspect of Anu 2012 was for me to see the likeness between himself and his creation, us humans.

Sure there are differences between humans, Anu, and the Reptilian race – for example when he talks about coming into being and birthing himself through emerging from existence as the totality of beingness. This is impossible for us to conceive of because we can hardly recall the first days of our life on earth. Also, the structural set up of the “Reptilian tradition” is unfamiliar to us, and by this I mean the code of conduct between the elder and the younger members, as well as the characteristics of the underlying belief system, which carries this structure. An example for that is the understanding of the relationship between form and being. Though for me these details are of minor consequence.

What I find significantly in alignment between Anu and his creation, the human race, is the role of power and the ignorance of questioning the nature of one’s intention. Anu made it clear that his need for power was the motivating factor for him in creating enslavement. He externalised his understanding of power just like we externalise our understanding of power. Yet, he and us fall prey to our own deception.

Let’s look at our world, we create hierarchies that carry the concept of externalised power ‘over xyz’ through to everything we are, create and consume. Hierarchical division is how we understand cohesion within our economic system, societal system and family system. In this, we have expanded by seeing all that is around us in the same way: animals, plants and earth resources are classified and utilised from this externalised position of power. Depending on where these elements find themselves in the structure of hierarchical division, they have either more or less value.

We believe, think and intent to create a position of strength for ourselves through an external application of power. Within that we accept destruction, suffering and deception as part of the tools we use to obtain power. This is no different from what Anu revealed to us in the interview, in how he enslaved beings on planet earth. Although he was questioning the Reptilian tradition, just as we are questioning through our investigations into knowledge – in both cases it is the starting point of separation and the end result is the same. Anu broke the ‘traditional’ code of conduct and employed means of destruction and suffering to forcefully claim his position of power.


Anu is god, we are god. In the interview Anu hinted to an important point in supports of the previous statement. For us, worship of an all powerful being, a god-creator, to which we can revert, escape or believe to trust in, is the ultimate abdication of responsibility as part of the whole of beingness. In this we are the lost children of beingness – lost, in the sense that we have identified with the starting point of separation, which inevitably crashes at one moment in time because beingness cannot sustain separation. Anu crashed when the portal opened. What Anu hinted to was the fact that he too, was “used” as he called it, he was put on a mission as creator of humans. Just as we have accepted our role as destructive and ill-fitted creators on and of planet earth.

When Anu spoke of lateness, or too lateness as in his case, he was referring to the second point that I want to make here in demonstrating “the missing of the obvious”: We created ourselves in the image and likeness of our god. We never questioned this god nor his intention, and this is a proven fact – we have more religions ‘operating’ on the planet today than ever before. We never question what we create and consume and the traces we leave behind. We do not look back in self-honesty. Thus, the point of ignorance is simple: We ignore our ability and capability of looking at the outcome of our actions and inactions. This is the decisive point, because we are in awareness of what we create, we reside in midst of it, yet we choose to be ignorant of it. Instead, we find ways to argue that this is the way god intended it to be, that it is human nature, or else that we need god’s help to change it.

When Anu admitted that at some point, it can be too late, that our windows of opportunity are counted,  he implied that he and the others were in the position to see what they had created but had chosen to be ignorant about it. By doing so he admitted that it was up to him alone – as instance of all beingness –  to either separate and destroy by going deeper into separation*, or to internalise power through self-directed actions build on self-honesty – and thus to recreate himself as the one instance of beingness he truly is – in oneness and equality.

We are in the year 2012 – it is our turn now, can we do it or will we follow in the steps of our creator, will we diminish or will we become one and equal? Whatever we choose, we choose it mutually – there is no separation!

I am ready to listen to part 2!

*(in the way he proceeded when questioning Reptilian ‘tradition’, because he questioned a belief system by creating belief in power)

Check out http://www.desteni.org for more info – and ask questions, begin to dare to care by asking questions http://forum.desteni.org/



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2012 – Time to get off the drug!

The love and light community insists and persists in this year’s ascension. Well, for now. This is in spite of many overtly incongruent issues around this idea which point to a self-created belief system that is not based in reality but is entirely make-belief. A kind of drug of the mind induced through imagination, or also called visualisation, by those who are enamored with the idea of escape into ‘positive thinking’ to find relief from reality – similar to pharmaceutical drugs which give us relief from the symptoms of physical illness.

A powerful indicator that the mind will use make-belief in many circumstance of un-ease is the application of placebo therapy which has proven to treat a number of peripheral disease processes by making the patient feel better. What placebo therapy cannot do is treat actual physical illnesses such as venous leg ulcers, Crohn’s disease, urinary tract infection, or chronic heart failure. In other words, placebo only works when the mind is implicated but cannot produce any results when the physical reality of the body is at stake. The physical reality of the body is also the reality that we breath, move, and communicate in every day of our lives. Hence this is why starving people are not ‘cured’ by the ascension.

Consequently, what is real about this ascension graze is that it is a reaction to a dis-eased reality, one that desperately needs treatment from all of us to get any measurable results for betterment. To create viable self-change and therefore societal change, ascension is a haphazard to everyone’s health because like all drugs it promotes the continuation of our dis-eased reality. Ascension, or the relief-from-reality-drug is the placebo for perceived change which works by continuously strengthening the belief that one has indeed changed oneself, even though those who take this drug exhibit even more inertia and acceptance of all things abusive in our society – and all this while chanting the slogan: “we are all one”.

As time passes, one is increasingly exposed to others who disseminate the drug, and who will exert their power of persuasion over those who are just in the beginning stages.  Beginners might still be unsure because there are no physical signs of it working, except for the dedicated fashion style and paraphernalia, such as crystals, dream catchers, special beads, metals, oils and so forth – but will eventually let their skill of critical reflection wane into no-man’s land.

Critical reflection would indicate that one is skeptical about some of the ascension attributes, and ask a number of questions to outline for oneself a more accurate picture of what is going on here, instead of jumping on the band wagon just because other people have done the same. Not to mention that there are many historical examples where this kind of collective jumping was a fatal choice to make.

Indeed, this should be one’s first question:

Am I getting into ascension because all these other (nice) people are into it, and they must know what they are doing, even if I don’t know?

More questions that might put a person on their way to recovery and reinstate critical reflection are:

No other so-called spiritual departure has come to fruition why should this one be any different? One may recall 2011 judgement day where many were convinced that they would be leaving the world as we know it. No one left of course and judgement day was postponed – without any doubt the same thing will be happening on December 21, 2012.

How come Tibetan monks are not preparing us for ascension? Tibetan monks have been working in the spiritual realm for centuries and have sufficient spiritual mileage on the ascension meter. Recall that they are able to pick out the next Dalai Lama from hundreds of children, hence these monks would be able to pin-point all details involved in ascension. Instead, the love and light community has to rely on vague ancient Mayan scriptures for the interpretation of ascension details, such as the date.

Why is the vocabulary on ascension not consistent depending on who is talking about ascension? If I say table to anyone in the room here, or anywhere else in the world (in their respective language of course), everyone would immediately have the same reference. This is not so with the ascension community. Words like ego, soul, higher self and so forth are moving targets when it comes to a definition.

Get off the drug and roll up your physical sleeves – change yourself and change the world – because all are indeed one, which means all are free or none are free. Oneness and equality is the way forward. Question your perceived reality, and come and question us @ http://www.desteni.org –  join the forum.

Otherwise, find reading and listening pleasure on the topic of oneness and equality @ http://www.eqafe.com


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2012 ascension is a house made from clouds

For some people the year 2012 is the year of ascension. In the preceding years leading up to 2012, various media channels have presented us with individuals who have given us plenty of apparently solid reasons why we should join in with the light workers to make the transition and ascend because the world as we know it is coming to an end this year. All kinds of historical sources have been cited from the Mayan calendar to the yoga sutras to support this idea. The act that we have to go looking for hints to our future in scriptures we can only interpret, rather than understand, is a tell tale sign that we are denying ourselves the face value of our reality.

Face value in the sense that we take what is happening in the world, at this moment, as our primary source for response. Those who buy into the 2012 love and light campaign prefer to imagine what the world could be and then match their lives to what is being imagined while in the meantime the place we call home is continually spiraling down into greater abuse and atrocities. So, according to those who have bought into the imagination of what life could be for them rather than what it is, this year is bringing earth shattering changes, something that has never been seen before.

Within the 2012 love and light campaign it is generally understood that those who have paid their dues and prepared themselves by following, practicing and worshiping some form of love and light will ascend to the fifth dimension or enter the fourth density. ‘Something’ will happen to those who have worked hard to hold that ‘light’ vibration against all odds. They will be released from all the physical and psychological limitations and perils – they will enter a new and better world full of bliss. Once ascended one will be in a place where life has become eternally peaceful, where the struggle to survive, and the need to put up with those who can’t see the light will be no longer.

Since so many people ‘bank’ on these ideas, they must be true, how can so many people be wrong? For a moment let’s project towards the end of the year. The world has moved on with more poverty and starvation, more wars, more economic downturn and so forth. For those who work with and in the light, the end of the year will present a fork in the road, one can either admit that ascension is a figment of the mind, or one can continue denying the actual reality we live in by holding the vibration of blindness.

Blindness in the face of horrific events that occur in every sector of society, in every minute of earth time. Let’s be real here for a moment. None of us has been able to predict our personal future in the way that it would match with what truly ends up happening. Once we have arrived in the future we barely remember what was going on in our minds when we were at the stage of predicting it. It is safe to say in this way we are bound by human perception.

Another aspect of us predicting the future is that not only is the future unpredictable but that no one else’ future ever enters into the future we imagine. In the sense that together with others we create a web of interactions, interlinked with our actions and reactions and those of others. This does not play into future predictions, we are the only protagonist who is featured as the main star in our future perfect show. Those who are next of kin in our lives will have a side role that plays along with our main story. To encourage ourselves and to keep up the motivation we use hope and belief until we are unable to tell what is real and what is not.

2012 campaigners are experiencing exactly that, each one imagining themselves in their own ascension bubble. Together they create a collective future prediction that exists only in the mind, in complete opposition to all that is known in the physical world.  We can take a parallel example and smile about the outcome: one’s ideal home, house, or abode. We can imagine how we would want to live, and what it would look like.  We know that to build this abode every detail of this dream place has to be made possible with actual materials and building techniques. If we dream something up that has no basis in reality, for example a house made from clouds, we know that it will be impossible to create it in actual terms. We may be able to represent it in picture form but we are unable to walk inside and be alive in it. Yet, we can dream up a house based on what materials and techniques are known to us and even here we might not be able to match our imagination in exact ways because actual physical interactions with plans, materials and construction determine what can be done and what not. Our imagination is inferior to our physical reality.

A campaign such as the 2012 campaign where people will go to any stretch of the imagination to buy into it, exists in the system we have created because capitalism functions on the invention of needs and desires that can be sold to others. The 2012 love and light campaign is a lucrative way to make profit of people’s gullibility for a better world where they can remain safe in their bubble. Against all odds people will invest themselves in believing ascension is real, yet they will deny that a house made from clouds can be constructed and inhabited – not seeing that ascension is such a house made from clouds…

If you are ready to build a house made from real physical materials – one that changes the world, join us



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Youtube’s community guidelines, or why when you spread hate about Hitler it isn’t hate speech

Social media on the internet not only connects people but also becomes a showcase, nicely assembled in one place, where one can observe arrogance, double standards, and opinions of society. All driven by the collective and individual patterns of emotions and feelings we are addicted to and which move us in the real as well as the virtual world. Especially online, where we can step back from it through resuming our physical daily lives, this spectacle of emotions and feelings resembles a composition, a song of energy surges which has, over the centuries, enabled us to claim our superiority of the planet. This collective self-manipulation runs so deep that we are, literally and figuratively, blind to our double standards. All the while these ‘dancing energetic surges’ are kept in place by the powers that be, the powers that dish out the money for us – us, the virtual citizens, to play with each other, or as we call it: to communicate.

At Desteni we recently received a heavy dose of this sort of ‘keeping the kids in check’ when our Youtube channels were closed down for apparent “violation of community guidelines”. Interesting parallels that coincided at this time were that we took a stance on the abuse that is presented to us on a daily basis. We began to make videos that would explain in detail how the hate that was being spread against us as a group was without foundation, without merit or justification. As a group we stand up for life and for what is best for all, this of course includes haters too. Countering rampant abuse by haters was thus performed within the context of valuing life above all else.

So how does that violate community guidelines? It does not, nor do any other videos produced by Destonians lie outside the principle of oneness and equality. Though what Destonian videos do address, through the stance on world equality, is the reluctance and resistance of the world to see that each one of us has created and is responsible for the atrocities of the world. Although this is acknowledged fact, though not perceived holistically throughout society, the deceptive ways we exist in are neatly categorised as politics. Meaning the fraudulent claim, that Destonians have violated community guidelines, is derived from the same energetic source that currently wages war in Libya under the guise of humanitarian aid.

The parallel strands under which deception thus operates, in this example, are the need to gain and the need to defend. On the one hand, it is the need to gain access to the finest oil on the planet, Libyan oil, by the powers that be, which is a conglomerate of the nations with the most money and most uncompromising forms of capitalistic slavery. On the other hand, it is the need to defend any form of change by the same powers, such as the radical change of world equality we advocate, which embraces and encompasses a new system that eventually transforms all, including the powers-that-be, into non-existence.

Another perspective on the double standard of Youtube’s “community guidelines”, or violation thereof through hate speech, is blatant when the hated enemy has been approved. When those in power have decided that certain figures provide an outlet for the common folk, to vent their emotions that dance to the tune of anger and aggression. The example par excellence is the Hitler abuse on Youtube. He’s the collective dead enemy, the persistent scapegoat, used and abused over decades now, he can always and forever be pulled up in any form, as comedy, as ideology, to serve in the name of the system and to rally up a united front.

In reality, the situation I have outlined above reflects the true nature of our system, encapsulated in  Youtube’s “community guidelines”, which are guidelines to the hypocrisy, the duplicity and the treachery of our society we have come to accept and defend.

The development of real guidelines, for a world of principle and equality, will come about through an Equal Money System – regardless of Youtube…

For more information, click here: http://equalmoney.org/

We are in the process of creating a comprehensive publication on Equal Money where many of your burning questions are answered- we will notify those interested when our book is completed – if you wish to sign up you can do so by clicking on the link below:


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