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Youtube’s community guidelines, or why when you spread hate about Hitler it isn’t hate speech

Social media on the internet not only connects people but also becomes a showcase, nicely assembled in one place, where one can observe arrogance, double standards, and opinions of society. All driven by the collective and individual patterns of emotions and feelings we are addicted to and which move us in the real as well as the virtual world. Especially online, where we can step back from it through resuming our physical daily lives, this spectacle of emotions and feelings resembles a composition, a song of energy surges which has, over the centuries, enabled us to claim our superiority of the planet. This collective self-manipulation runs so deep that we are, literally and figuratively, blind to our double standards. All the while these ‘dancing energetic surges’ are kept in place by the powers that be, the powers that dish out the money for us – us, the virtual citizens, to play with each other, or as we call it: to communicate.

At Desteni we recently received a heavy dose of this sort of ‘keeping the kids in check’ when our Youtube channels were closed down for apparent “violation of community guidelines”. Interesting parallels that coincided at this time were that we took a stance on the abuse that is presented to us on a daily basis. We began to make videos that would explain in detail how the hate that was being spread against us as a group was without foundation, without merit or justification. As a group we stand up for life and for what is best for all, this of course includes haters too. Countering rampant abuse by haters was thus performed within the context of valuing life above all else.

So how does that violate community guidelines? It does not, nor do any other videos produced by Destonians lie outside the principle of oneness and equality. Though what Destonian videos do address, through the stance on world equality, is the reluctance and resistance of the world to see that each one of us has created and is responsible for the atrocities of the world. Although this is acknowledged fact, though not perceived holistically throughout society, the deceptive ways we exist in are neatly categorised as politics. Meaning the fraudulent claim, that Destonians have violated community guidelines, is derived from the same energetic source that currently wages war in Libya under the guise of humanitarian aid.

The parallel strands under which deception thus operates, in this example, are the need to gain and the need to defend. On the one hand, it is the need to gain access to the finest oil on the planet, Libyan oil, by the powers that be, which is a conglomerate of the nations with the most money and most uncompromising forms of capitalistic slavery. On the other hand, it is the need to defend any form of change by the same powers, such as the radical change of world equality we advocate, which embraces and encompasses a new system that eventually transforms all, including the powers-that-be, into non-existence.

Another perspective on the double standard of Youtube’s “community guidelines”, or violation thereof through hate speech, is blatant when the hated enemy has been approved. When those in power have decided that certain figures provide an outlet for the common folk, to vent their emotions that dance to the tune of anger and aggression. The example par excellence is the Hitler abuse on Youtube. He’s the collective dead enemy, the persistent scapegoat, used and abused over decades now, he can always and forever be pulled up in any form, as comedy, as ideology, to serve in the name of the system and to rally up a united front.

In reality, the situation I have outlined above reflects the true nature of our system, encapsulated in  Youtube’s “community guidelines”, which are guidelines to the hypocrisy, the duplicity and the treachery of our society we have come to accept and defend.

The development of real guidelines, for a world of principle and equality, will come about through an Equal Money System – regardless of Youtube…

For more information, click here: http://equalmoney.org/

We are in the process of creating a comprehensive publication on Equal Money where many of your burning questions are answered- we will notify those interested when our book is completed – if you wish to sign up you can do so by clicking on the link below:



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How those who hate what I do are helping me close doors

It’s an interesting experience when one can look back on oneself and see how the practice of Self-Forgiveness has taken effect and as a result definite changes in one’s behaviour are apparent.  When such change occurs in my life, most likely I don’t perceive it in detail, I may notice an aspect suddenly, out of the blue, that strikes me because I no longer RE-act in a familiar way to a familiar situation. Those are the moments I realise that I am here, and that this change is a manifestation of me in ‘hereness’. Moreover, it is clearly showing me that change is possible through forgiving oneself in what I have accepted and allowed to be in this world, who I have become through accepting and allowing myself to function from a place of ego.

Like I said, this is a momentarily occurrence, when I make myself “aware” that I am not reacting from emotion, I am not experiencing anger or guilt, and similarly I am not experiencing the ‘high’ of something beneficial that happened to me. I am just stable, here. Recently though, I saw a concrete development of a self-change. A situation where I was previously experiencing strong emotions, which changed over time and I began to see how the emotional charge was waning away enabling me to settle into stability.

In particular, this change was prompted by responding to those who hate what I do. I am talking about those, who go out of their way to attack Destonians by posting belligerent YouTube videos with fictitious content that in no way reflects what Desteni is about, or by leaving defaming and offensive comments on videos made by Destonians, which are videos where we document our process for the world to see.

In an attempt to clarify our position, Destonians have started to respond to these ‘hater’ videos by addressing the content directly. We do that by explaining and straightening out the misrepresentation of what we do, and who we are. When I first started to make these ‘response’ videos, I felt much resistance because I had previously conditioned myself to avoid conflict or disagreement with others. I considered it bad and exhausting, and when I was faced with a situation where conflict was brewing, I would simply walk away or pay no attention. Only if I had no other choice I would stand up to someone but under duress and much emotional charge inside of me. This charge I would try to contain with all my might. Well, who would want ‘to lose it’, if one could help it! With these ‘hater’ videos, I had to respond to statements that were made about my activities with Desteni, which were not only untrue but often quite difficult to decipher, because the ‘hater’ had little clarity why he or she was engaging in the act of making these types of videos in the first place. In some ways it was as if the person was dumping their emotional debris on us through the making of these videos.

Not only was I experiencing resistance to the task of making a video, but I was also experiencing anger, rage and backchat. This was in the beginning of this video-making journey. As I got into the making of these videos and used Self-forgiveness in the process, my emotional states ebbed away, and with each new ‘response’ video I made, I saw less resistance within myself and a calmer demeanor. I could suddenly hear the ‘hater’s’ fears, or their anger, their insecurity and confusion. Increasingly I saw them as who they were, the self-programmed being that was so layered by their accepted and allowed beliefs that they had no access to their ‘real’ self. It gave me the ability to see more clearly that I am one of the self-programmed beings because the statements that were being made were in essence all similar, maybe with varying emphases but made from the same belief components. I realised that it is through my interaction with the world around me I could understand my opportunities for self-change as all is one.

Over the course of several weeks, I came to enjoy producing these ‘response’ videos because now I was making them from a point of stability and support. When I had no emotional charge and reaction towards the process of video-making, the ‘hater’s’ words where simply outlining to me the world I exist in, and the world I have accepted and allowed to exist within me. Through my gained clarity I could see beyond the veil of emotions, I could see how I was blinded by them, and how emotions and feelings paralised me. I could see what had obviously been right in front of me all along – but I was unable to see because of memories, emotions and feelings. I could see because I had changed a world within me.

The other day I met a colleague, who I perceived as quite argumentative and competitive. He often invites me to come along but I mostly decline because I have labelled my interactions with him as ‘hard work’. I only realised this recently because I am now looking to understand my protective stance of my ‘alone’ space. Though this is another issue beyond the point that I am making here. What is relevant to the point I am making here is that when I met this colleague recently for a little walk he had invited me to, I accepted without a second thought. During this walk we came to a moment where I stated that he was limiting himself on a particular issue, which, as expected, set him off to a heated and accelerated manner of speaking. He did not only cut me off in mid-sentence but also was visibly angry. As I see it, there are two perspectives here that have been the result of the support I gave myself through the making of the ‘response’ videos I described above.

The first one is that I spoke about what I saw in his statements, meaning his self-imposed limitations. I do recall a time when these types of observations would have had to stay in my mind, because I was too afraid of making the person angry and being rejected. In those days, I would gently knot my head, and let the person continue talking, merely listening without honest participation. What I was really observing would be kept locked away in my secret mind. Now this was different, I gave him my perspective of what I perceived as fearful and self-limiting behaviour. Furthermore, while he was shouting and cutting me off, I remained relatively calm. There were some moments where I was making my point stronger than in other moments, but it was not from a place of angry or fearful behaviour. I could also see that I could actually listen to his words and respond, where I would previously just turn off. I mean ‘shut down’, wrapped up in my emotions with an unresponsive, blank mind. That was the past now. I was able to continuously point out to him the dimensions of the point I was making, illustrating it clearly and directly to him.

When I went home that day, I realised that I had created a sliver of heaven on earth for myself, because I always wanted to be able to be fearless in the face of conflict, and concentrate on the issue at hand. In the situation I had experienced I spoke and conducted myself from a place of certainty, a place of shared existence because all the way through the conversation, I did not see him as an antagonist in separation of me. No, I merely saw his ego, as I can sometimes see my own ego, and that was all. Beyond that, I knew and experienced us as one. I could walk through the points he was making, stating what I saw, the fears and conditionings, yet I was stable inside. Eventually our conversation calmed down because we changed subjects, and I had truly changed something within myself. Thank you, to all those who hate what I do because it allowed me to close this door and keep it shut.

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