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Border-crossing – the mental divide of real space and illusion

Ancient Map of Telnor

Whenever we travel outside of our habitual or cultural environment, we cross borders – mostly in the confines of an airport. In spite of our ability to instantly travel between countries and continents on the internet, where we call this digital ‘nearness’ the global village,  the physical reality reflects the reverse situation.  The core of physical border crossing is identity control.  The individual crossing the border must obtain permission to do so. Since the beginning of recorded history, the acquiring of territory and maintaining of borders has been the primary source of war, conflict and abuse, and this situation has not changed up until today.  Yet, there is no reality to the idea of borders and border-crossing because it is a conceptualisation of the mind that is imposed in a top-down manner onto physical space. Borders are an accepted illusion, there is no tangible equivalent from which borders spring forth and manifest in the world.  In other words, borders are not real, they shift and change depending on who is in charge and has the power to rule over others in form of states, nations, and countries.

When travelling between claimed territory by plane, airport border controls are laced with a thick procedure of security checks that encompass the inspection of luggage and physical bodies with the aim to minimise potential security risks for the country that is opening its gates for us. In my experience, all border crossing check points look the same with only one changing variable, which is the language spoken because it changes from border to border.  The agents in charge of checking travellers wear uniforms, they sit behind computers, scanning devices, and other machines which process information about each person who crosses the border.  Fascinatingly enough, the border-crossing personnel assesses each person not as the physical person that stands right in front of them. No, the assessment is done based on a proxy, the conceptualised idea about a person which is displayed in form of an image on a computer screen. We, the travellers, are not privy to this information, we can assume that a part of it contains our personal details such as name and address, yet the remainder, of what lurks on these screens and refers to us, is shrouded in mystery.

There is a sense of togetherness when going through the long haul of border-crossing and security check points.  Frequently a conversation pops up between fellow passengers. At the end of the conversation everyone participating is reassured that we are united in this ‘humiliating situation’, when we are stripped of shoes, belts, jackets and hats because our potential is perceived as threat to the world. Even when queuing with a more reserved crowd that not easily engages conversationally, the sight of a little child or an elderly person having to submit to the procedures will prompt us to verbally point out the ridiculousness of these controls. But how ridiculous are they really when we bring the point home to self and see what it is that we don’t want to see about who we are? We unite in complaining about check-point procedures because we don’t want to see beyond, what underlies this situation and how it unanimously implicates each one of us.

 When we realise that what is happening in real-time is equal to the inner reality that we carry around in our minds, we can start to investigate and step beyond the accepted self-victimisation.  We stop to believe that submitting to a ‘humiliating situation’ is engineered by an evil government that blindly enforces its laws and we realise that the powerlessness we experience is the perception of the mind as we allow and accept it.  We are the borders, the territory, the security checks, and we victimise ourselves daily.  Our own borders are just as imaginary as the borders we create in physical space to divide the world into countries and nations.  Our claim to territory is to prevent us from self-change.  What we defend are our limitations and how we have programmed ourselves in separation and division from others at every opportunity where our self-interest is threatened.  We use self-talk to validate the behaviors we enact to keep our borders intact. But here it is not about others being admitted inside, it is about us preventing ourselves from stepping outside our habitual territory so that we move ourselves into a new space where we can decide freely who we want to be in this moment, in this context, with these people.

This self-talk is our security check point, it is powerful beyond recognition. It contains every justification we launch in our minds to remain where we are – trapped and limited.  On an individual level, we deploy a personal arsenal of justifications that we can tailor to each situation. These mental security measures are extremely well-placed and they make so much sense that when we are in a given situation, where we have the opportunity to trespass our limitations, we are unable to recognise what we are doing to ourselves. We may have a glimpse in hindsight of what could have been, who we could have been, but the situation is gone and we will have to wait until next time…

In the meantime, there are reassuring conversation with fellow minds to be had – somewhere – on the internet, in the streets, at the airport,  where we reassure ourselves that change seems so impossible with the ultimate justification: because we are a victim of human nature.

Don’t wait till next time, dismantle your mental security check-point and walk out of your justifications.

Join us, and set yourself free



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2012 Anusian musings: Change of the unchangeable

In a recent interview by Anu I gained clarity on a particular topic. A topic that has been hovering in the background, waiting – I was waiting for myself to step out, to end the uncertainties about it, not to shy away from it and to get clarity once and for all. Here it goes:

Within numerous contexts, the world around me has reiterated that humans’ life on earth is getting better. Generally speaking, people have longer life expectancies; more people than ever before have access to medical support; more people than ever are literate; more babies than ever survive; more people than ever have clean water – and lastly, I have heard that we all live like kings compared to just a couple of 100 years ago.  Some people have made entire career out of providing the necessary statistical proof that we are in fact evolving and that life on earth, in general, is much better than it used to be (see Hans Rosling’s video for a review). Sure, there are problems but we seem to tackle these sooner or later because we have technologies and knowledge to do so.

On the contrary,  Desteni research has shown that the same basic components of war, abuse, terror, greed, self-interest are operating, like the stagnate components of a machine, keeping us in place although the wheels are spinning. When looking at the opposing pole of our wealth and well-being, we can equally recognise an augmentation of our abusive dimension as well: the hunting of animals till extinction, human trafficking and sex slave trade, the Gaza strip occupation, serial killings disguised as humanitarian wars, the sell out of education, the vaccination of babies and the distribution of psychopharmaca as candy, and so forth. How do these facts tally up when the world wants to make us believe that we are so much better of?

When I listened to Anu’s interview it dawned on me:

“…through my investigations in the very beingness of beings found that within our very presence, essence, substance, manifestation… there is constant change…. and …change meaning there is movement, there is evolution, there is development, there is growth, we are always constantly and continuously in constant change….ehm.. just by our very existence and interactions with existence, there is constant motion of alteration and change….. and if something is too perfect for an extended amount of time, that is questioned because it is not equal to and one with the constant change that is existent as our very selves, our beingness, that would want to come through that perfection and break through it …and… show that it is not real, where our very beingness will supersede the fake reality..”

What Anu is stating is that beyond the mind, beyond the programming we have accepted as us, we are always in change, that change is a constant of our beingness which penetrates the mental entrapment in which we exist.  If we were to discover that there is no change – what Anu called “too perfect” – or what can also be seen as ‘stagnation’, we would become suspicious of our enslaved existence, and may figure out that things are not what they seem. Thus, Anu had to create the illusion of change, which we would then accept as actual change so that our beingness was satisfied. We are therefore less inclined to investigate the reality we are living and creating, because we are living the change of the unchangeable.

The change of the unchangeable permeates all cultural pursuits, all technology, all literature, all music, all communication – all life styles. We experience a change of form, a change of parameters that determine the form, but the essence never changes. From magic circle story telling to social networking – the dimensionality of the form has changed because we have gone from analogue sound waves as spoken words that bounce back and forth between those who sit in the circle, around the fire, listening, waiting, until it’s their turn to tell…  to the story bits and pieces that are thrown up on a website as digitized visual display of binary code and shared with hundreds of virtual friends. Yet, the involved personality constructs, the manipulation through phrasing of word or story fragments, the packaged moralistic condemnations  –  all that which leads and constitutes ‘communication’ of the story  as well as the story content itself, remains stagnant and unchangeable.

I invite you to look at other topics and apply the formula of change of the unchangeable ( for example to movies) and see that Anu has given us another brick in our self-endorsed wall we now take apart and return to source. Interesting times are ahead where we will be living as actual change of the changeable – and that begins with establishing total equality between all that is here.

To de-brick start here: www.desteniiprocess.com

For literature and sounds that uncover the changeable read here: www.eqafe.com


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2012 – The Atlantean equation

Atlantis and the myth about it used to have a magical effect on me. It allowed me to go into a dream state that I used as mental landing pad into my imagination: there is a whole world out there of which I know nothing of. Was it just a story, was it real?  I recall when the love & light community was considering humans as star seeds, and everyone chose a favourite extraterrestrial they wanted to be connected with, I wanted to be “from” Atlantis. Today, I realise that wanting to be ‘something’ else than human is an indication of the mess we humans have created of life on earth. A place that is becoming less and less inhabitable because of the accumulation of physical evidence that self-interest is destructive, and our existence in this way futile and finite.

To hear the real story of Atlantis from an Atlantean made me realise the illusion we live today.

When I listened to the interview: Atlantis – the untold story, I realised that my previous mystification of Atlantis is the escape we all exist within, to suspend the fear of not knowing who we are or where we came from, an escape mechanism we have so thoroughly accepted to exist as our culture. We use this mechanism to give ourselves the license to conjure up anything we want. “Hey, we just don’t know any better”.  The Atlantean who spoke through Sunette was clearly not feeding my imagination anymore. The being was showing us in its own words that there are other things that exist as reality – beyond our imagination, and that we have little or no clue of what that really is:  Growth of self through equality and oneness.

Atlanteans had a concrete grasp on maintaining oneness with each other. It was in their interest to maintain this oneness because it was in the interest of all – basic common sense! When the conditions for one are unacceptable then sooner or later this will be the case for all. For example: if we were to drop colour into a bucket of clear water, the water would become coloured throughout, the drop would not just stay in one corner, refusing to acknowledge that it is in the same bucket with all the other water and therefore not mix.  The more colour we add to the water in the bucket, the more intense the colour becomes. Take this as an analogy, humans are made up from 99% water.

Our existence is self-contradictory. One the one hand we are clueless of our beginnings, our purpose, if there is one; or why we live the way we do. On the other hand, the one thing we know for fact is where we are going because we actually create it physically in the world. This is the only reliable measure we have. Yet we make no use of it – we either deny the physical changes of earth, or we claim no participation. Here we miss exactly what it is we do in essence, and that which we claim to be our culture. We draw on activities that pursue illusion. We pursue that which is not real, not here in the physical world but we make it either so in our minds, or with physical means that can convince the mind and our feelings that the illusion is real.

From entertainment, such as the making of film, the writing of novels, the playing of games, to spirituality, rituals, and love & light celebrations – we persistently chase the illusionary. How can we not see this? It is so blatant in the world we live in – our population is largely starving, species are going extinct, we torture and massacre ourselves and all living creatures around us. Yet, the few that have a good life believe that the colour (referring to the water example mentioned above) will never reach them.  Nevertheless, the evidence is found among those as well: steadily increasing numbers of sicknesses and the consumption of pharmaceutical products – that are supposed to hold up a sick body in a sick world.

My conclusion after having listened to the Atlantean is this:
The pursuit of illusion in all its forms, resulting from the starting point of denial that we are held together by one place (earth) and by the same (earth) materials, diminishes life until non-existence is reached.

The pursuit of equality in all its forms, resulting from the starting point of acknowledgement that we are rooted and birthed from one place, supported by the same materials encourages infinite growth and the flourishing of all life.

My choice is clear.

Equality and oneness literature and interviews: http://www.eqafe.com

Equality and oneness economic approach: http://www.equalmoney.org

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2012 ascension is a house made from clouds

For some people the year 2012 is the year of ascension. In the preceding years leading up to 2012, various media channels have presented us with individuals who have given us plenty of apparently solid reasons why we should join in with the light workers to make the transition and ascend because the world as we know it is coming to an end this year. All kinds of historical sources have been cited from the Mayan calendar to the yoga sutras to support this idea. The act that we have to go looking for hints to our future in scriptures we can only interpret, rather than understand, is a tell tale sign that we are denying ourselves the face value of our reality.

Face value in the sense that we take what is happening in the world, at this moment, as our primary source for response. Those who buy into the 2012 love and light campaign prefer to imagine what the world could be and then match their lives to what is being imagined while in the meantime the place we call home is continually spiraling down into greater abuse and atrocities. So, according to those who have bought into the imagination of what life could be for them rather than what it is, this year is bringing earth shattering changes, something that has never been seen before.

Within the 2012 love and light campaign it is generally understood that those who have paid their dues and prepared themselves by following, practicing and worshiping some form of love and light will ascend to the fifth dimension or enter the fourth density. ‘Something’ will happen to those who have worked hard to hold that ‘light’ vibration against all odds. They will be released from all the physical and psychological limitations and perils – they will enter a new and better world full of bliss. Once ascended one will be in a place where life has become eternally peaceful, where the struggle to survive, and the need to put up with those who can’t see the light will be no longer.

Since so many people ‘bank’ on these ideas, they must be true, how can so many people be wrong? For a moment let’s project towards the end of the year. The world has moved on with more poverty and starvation, more wars, more economic downturn and so forth. For those who work with and in the light, the end of the year will present a fork in the road, one can either admit that ascension is a figment of the mind, or one can continue denying the actual reality we live in by holding the vibration of blindness.

Blindness in the face of horrific events that occur in every sector of society, in every minute of earth time. Let’s be real here for a moment. None of us has been able to predict our personal future in the way that it would match with what truly ends up happening. Once we have arrived in the future we barely remember what was going on in our minds when we were at the stage of predicting it. It is safe to say in this way we are bound by human perception.

Another aspect of us predicting the future is that not only is the future unpredictable but that no one else’ future ever enters into the future we imagine. In the sense that together with others we create a web of interactions, interlinked with our actions and reactions and those of others. This does not play into future predictions, we are the only protagonist who is featured as the main star in our future perfect show. Those who are next of kin in our lives will have a side role that plays along with our main story. To encourage ourselves and to keep up the motivation we use hope and belief until we are unable to tell what is real and what is not.

2012 campaigners are experiencing exactly that, each one imagining themselves in their own ascension bubble. Together they create a collective future prediction that exists only in the mind, in complete opposition to all that is known in the physical world.  We can take a parallel example and smile about the outcome: one’s ideal home, house, or abode. We can imagine how we would want to live, and what it would look like.  We know that to build this abode every detail of this dream place has to be made possible with actual materials and building techniques. If we dream something up that has no basis in reality, for example a house made from clouds, we know that it will be impossible to create it in actual terms. We may be able to represent it in picture form but we are unable to walk inside and be alive in it. Yet, we can dream up a house based on what materials and techniques are known to us and even here we might not be able to match our imagination in exact ways because actual physical interactions with plans, materials and construction determine what can be done and what not. Our imagination is inferior to our physical reality.

A campaign such as the 2012 campaign where people will go to any stretch of the imagination to buy into it, exists in the system we have created because capitalism functions on the invention of needs and desires that can be sold to others. The 2012 love and light campaign is a lucrative way to make profit of people’s gullibility for a better world where they can remain safe in their bubble. Against all odds people will invest themselves in believing ascension is real, yet they will deny that a house made from clouds can be constructed and inhabited – not seeing that ascension is such a house made from clouds…

If you are ready to build a house made from real physical materials – one that changes the world, join us



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No more pilgrims to India seeking spirituality

Pilgrims to India are god’s business. Every year thousands of people flock to India to seek something that they cannot find within themselves. Spiritual pilgrims have become a money making machine in the Western world. Countless organisations cater to those who have the time and money for a ‘well-deserved’ break from their stressful lives. These pilgrims promise to put people in touch with the ‘rawness’ of life, to bring relief and to support the search of a ‘spiritual’ self which can only be found at some far off location in rural India.

For the longest time the concept of spirit has been the excuse par excellence to avoid dealing with reality as it is – as we have all participated in its creation. The concept of spirit has given us a card blanche, Westerns and Easterns alike, in turning a blind eye to the atrocities and sufferings that are occurring in every moment. The result shows that the more we have denied it the more the suffering has increased. It is through this idea of spirit that we excuse ourselves from taking responsibility, from letting the world go to pieces as long as we are alright. It is this idea of spirit that forms the blindfold towards any type of questioning whether it is truly acceptable to let members of one’s own species suffer without lifting a finger.

Along as we can have the luxury of travelling to the outskirts of our civilisations, of sitting somewhere cross-legged in hopes of enlightenment – then even those who starve should be happy because aren’t we working on their behalf as well…? The answer is clearly NO. Those who are deluded in thinking that they are working on behalf of all, to achieve world peace through spiritual pursuits seem to forget that to do so they utilise their bodies. Bodies that move in a physical reality, bodies to which they have to attend in order to ‘spirtitualise’ themselves anywhere in the world. This truth is far from evident to those who have wrapped themselves in the blanket of love and light while ascertaining that suffering can be ended through denial of what is here the world.

I speak from experience. For the year 2000 I travelled to India to sit cross-legged in an Ashram and chant for world peace. I was convinced that this was the path to changing the world because it required me to obtain a higher vibration, the discipline to meditate, to give up certain foods, and so forth. All of those things that I entertained as part of my spiritual path were an act of achievement, and I liked that. Achievement is something that we are taught to take seriously at an early age, every child, in every society on the planet. Achievement comes through performance and if we perform correctly we are rewarded in the end. This is what we call education. From a common sense perspective this is brainwashing. There is nowhere to go in this world except to be here. From a common sense perspective we can look back onto our personal history, or the world history, and we can learn that all we have ever achieved is the intensification of the same human traits which we use to excuse ourselves.

Expanding this truth in the context of love, light and spirit, we see the parallel unfoldment. Likewise, the mental state of achievement is just another brainwash. We discipline ourselves through the performance of spiritual practices in hopes of a reward – a blissful existence, world peace, or whatever else we can imagine as reward. Whatever else it is we get emotional about that we would like to wish away because it hurts to think about suffering – a convenient shutter to any kind of questioning of who we are in this world. This convenience only has one outcome: absolute denial and the inability to see things for what they are. To see the world for what it is, seriously. I mean how could we otherwise justify our inertia in a world where we as a species watch the murder of our own kind as a form of entertainment?  – and this is just to name one aspect.

The denial however has over time become so thick, like the gold-plating on a Buddha statue, that we are willing to continually draw on our own blindness from the past, our spiritual traditions – with awe and inspiration so that we can pursue following an ever so ephemeral non-existent, non-physical god. We are more willing to believe in something we cannot grasp with our senses than suspend the thought: “we do not know where we come from”, and accept that living without an answer cannot deter us from making the necessary changes for a better world for all.

Needless to say in an Equal Money System spirituality has come to an end in all its facets. There will be no spiritual holidays for Westerns, no spiritual merchandise – none of the spiritual material culture we have come to cherish over life itself. It will be the end of bringing food as offering to the gods, instead we will bring food to each other. It will be the end for Buddhas and other statues to have better shelter than most humans. It will be a total reversal of the spiritual damage we have inculcated in the exchange of denial that we are physical, in the world here, as life and that that must be the only thing on our agenda – to care for life – equal and one.

Wake up to the fact that you have been blinded – become seeing and join us for a better world for all!


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Enjoy your child in the Equal Money System!

In the Equal Money System childhood will be ‘evolutionised’. It will be the first time that adults and children will live with each other as equals. In our current system we do not comprehend that children can be equals. The main reason for this is that we see responsibility as a variable that is coupled to age and skill. In that sense, responsibility entails that a person has obtained the necessary skills to operate in the world and is able to ‘earn a living’. From this definition of responsibility, fluctuations are possible depending on how competent one is in generating money within the system.

Children, of course, fall into the category of not having any means, skills, or the appropriate age to ‘buy’ into this responsibility. Thus, they are dependent on their parents or other caregivers who will earn a living for them and act as providers. This creates the basic level of dependence on the parents or caregivers, which puts children into an inferior position where they must comply within the parents-child dynamic to ensure their survival. Though, within the educated classes the “do-as-I-say” parent-child dynamic maybe better managed in modern contexts but this is because we have refined our grip on psychological deception, to more successfully suppress emotional dimensions and hide power play. In essence this dynamic has been the same throughout all classes and cultures in human history.

Complementary to this situation is that parents view their children as a personal belonging. The link here is that responsibility as it is currently understood is tied to ownership. From the perspective of adults when one is responsible for something, or for someone, whether that is a skill, an object, or a person such as a child – one has ownership over it. Unlike owning inanimate objects, such as a house, within the parent-child dynamic the emotional manipulation is a two-way street, for example in the gratitude a child is expected to display in return for the care and provision that has been given by the parents. Whereas the financial dependency of the child has a foreseeable end, the emotional dependency lasts a lifetime.

Ownership of course can only function within the context of self-interest, it denotes the separation between what is mine and yours, and supports the fundamental mechanisms of accumulation of wealth as it is perpetuated by the capitalistic system we live in. In addition, children as a form of wealth sprawls into many different directions, for example as display of status, as unpaid employee, or as life insurance in old age. On the other hand, the parent’s wealth is an important determining factor in the experience of childhood and preparation for the child’s place in the system. Besides providing the basic needs, in most countries parents also must provide education by paying the educational system. The more money can be spend on a child’s education the better the return value, meaning the more money the child is likely to make once it is part of the workforce.

The financial dependency a child is experiencing throughout childhood lasts until the child has become a young adult and is capable to earn his or her own living. This threshold is determined by age, regardless whether the child has obtained appropriate education which may not have been possible due to poverty or other factors. Once the age threshold has been crossed, on legal terms the child is no longer a minor or “under-age” – then the person is a young adult who is liable for his or her actions. The child, now adult, is expected to perform and comply with the rules and codes of conduct of society.

From the perspective of the parent, most will state that they only want the best for their children, yet parents are unaware of the abuse and limitations that are imposed on humans during their childhood. What determines “the best for the child” is how well it performs in the context of society, whereby the deception, manipulation, sabotage, feelings and emotions deployed in the process are irrelevant. After all this is what parents have learned from their own parents, and is considered a successful formula to survive in our societies.

In the Equal Money System none of the above-mentioned is acceptable. Responsibility is no longer defined in separation from oneself and from others, which means that responsibility is the lived statement of what is best for all.  Children will stand next to their parents as equals in all facets of life. Financially, children are accounted for and taken care of from before they are born – thus, there will be no financial or resource dependency between parent and child. Children will grow up in a principled manner where they learn from the early days of their lives to function, operate and act from the premise of what is best for all. Parents or other relatives will have no advantage or disadvantage over their children. Family or not, all beings are treated equally.  Children will have a perspective in how they approach life that is unprecedented at this time. They will live as equals to everyone and everything because they are life, which is what determines all education and teaching that is provided for the child.

The pressure to perform is entirely abolished. Therefore as soon as the child is able to express itself to others through active participation, it will contribute a perspective to society which has an equal weight in all decisions. In the Equal Money System, it is the individual development of the child that determines in how far the child participates within the greater context of society. In this process all children are equally supported to further their potential and ability to fully express themselves.

For the adults in the Equal Money System childhood will be pure enjoyment as adults will have a true appreciation of seeing the unfoldment of a human being over time. As children begin to contribute to the group they will present new perspectives which are coming from the starting point of what is best for all, where all life is honored equally. This is possible because the child’s sense of self is one of oneness and equality where individuality equals self-expression in the context of the group. As everyone is fully supported in their needs, parents in the Equal Money System no longer struggle to make time to engage with their children. Therefore there will be many collaborative moments where parents and child support each other mutually.

New forms of play will emerge in an Equal Money System. When playing with children of all ages adults will be acting as equals. Currently adults and parents have a tendency to ‘descent’ to a perceived lower level of the child because of a superior-inferior dynamic based on cognitive and motor skills. This type of engagement is quite visible in baby talk, which is when adults use diminutive endings on words, special words, or distorted words in their interactions with children. The parent and adult in the Equal Money System learns through children to broaden his or her self-expression as that is no longer issue to skill, creativity, or performance. Play will incorporate all beings who want to engage in play with each other, and is therefore not limited to humans only.

From the point of oneness, playing as equals means that all those who interact have a unique contribution to make that brings more enjoyment and more self-expression to the group, whereby each individual contribution is equal to all other contributions. Unlike our current approach which is mediated play, using objects or technologies, in the Equal Money System unmediated physical self-expression will come to the forefront, the full enjoyment of the physical body without energetic ‘highs’ is something that has yet to be experienced by humans…

Join us in the making of the evolutionised childhood by becoming one vote for the Equal Money System.




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How will pollution and protection of the environment work in the Equal Money System?

Many aspects of pollution in the environment are known facts, there is no mystery that basic pollution hinges on how we conduct ourselves within the economic system, what we create and maintain through our participation. With known factual information on the one hand, we notice that on the other hand that we have lost our common sense.  Thus, the guidelines that common sense offers, in how to practically live in this world, have been overridden because we abide by consumerism and profit-driven behaviours. To illustrate this point we only have to go to some of the most banal aspects of our material world, such as the dimension of packaging. It is a ‘dimension’ because there are multiple perspectives that can be taken when looking at how we deal with packaging and why.

From a common sense point of view packaging should only be done when necessary, when the circumstances are such that a practical solution will necessitate the packaging of an item. However we are so challenged through our habits within a capitalistic system that we can no longer decipher when something really needs to be packaged and when not. Through habitual acceptances we no longer question the incentive and no longer use common sense.

Extensive packaging is done on all levels of consumption. The multidimensionality of this challenge is easily seen all around us, and the types of manifestations of this phenomenon range far and deep. I will illustrate this with two examples which pinpoint a mixture of careless action in handling procedures and seductive selling techniques. Clearly this is just one aspect under the topic of pollution and protection that would change in the approach to what is best for all in the Equal Money System.

Observation for the packaging phenomenon in our societies can be readily collected when entering a grocery store. I often see William’s Christ pears wrapped in plastic bras to keep them from getting bruised. I ask myself how would this piece of fruit need to be packaged if the transport was not about getting these fruits rapidly from A to B? Because the paying customer at location B is eager to have these pears and will go to the competition if they do not get here on time. What if there could be an improvement in the method of getting these pears to the consumer a tad slower but with less packaging because the people in the middle will not have to rush so much? That way they can conduct their actions with a little more care of the content rather than wrapping the content into ‘bullet proof’ packaging so that they can throw it around.

Similarly, when I walk by the displays of plastic wrapped apples in packs of four, I ask myself whether this heavy shrink wrap is necessary because the population is unable to count to four, and therefore cannot be trusted in picking out four apples from a heap of apples, or is that the seller wants to be sure that all apples find a shopping baskets so that they can avoid being left with unwanted and damaged apples for which they incur the cost?  Then what about those new age products where sage leaves are wrapped more elaborately and costly than the monetary value of the sage leave itself? Where the content matters so little because the seduction of the packaging is what sells in an ever growing and competing market.

This small window into a sliver of our packaging dimension paints a grim picture. We don’t care that plastic is polluting the oceans and killing sealife, we have entire plastic islands floating around in the Pacific Ocean that are a result of our lost common sense.  The bottom line is that we have accepted something so absolutely stupid that we rather insist on our limitations instead of changing our approach; or else why wouldn’t we just collectively stand up and say ‘stop’ by voting for an Equal Money System where such stupidity is cured forever.

Let me now explore this topic from the perspective of the Equal Money System. The first rule in the Equal Money System is that we do what is best for all. We know that the Equal Money System spells the end of behaviour for profit. In other words we do not need 100 consumer products, or materials as building blocks for products, that are identical in what they do but are produced with varying overhead costs, which supposedly regulate price, planned obsolescence and general effectiveness for a larger margin of profit. None of that.

We further know that in an Equal Money System, we make the best possible products and materials because they will last a life time and therefore we do not need new versions or better design. Right from the start this will reduce much pollution, waste, and energy use because what happens in our capitalistic system is that the multiplications of consumer products with different, ever cheaper production methods and materials causes much waste, pollution and use of energy.

We are also not in a rush in an Equal Money System, because we no longer need to compete, which means we can investigate the best production methods with the least waste production, or we can make sure that the waste we produce can be easily integrated into existing eco systems as food for living organisms. Only after all this has been established then the consumer product, or material for the creation of a product, enters into circulation. Even before this cycle of investigation has begun which entails all steps from creation to decomposition or deterioration of the product, investigations will be conducted that evaluate if the product is even necessary at all.

Protection of the environment will be a build-in mechanism in the sense that we do not create products for consumption that then require us to protect the environment. By having the starting point of what is best for all before we begin with a production cycle or even with the selection process of putting a product or material into circulation, we know that it is necessary and we know that the ingredients have gone through rigorous testing on interactions with the environment.

Many solutions we have in our high-tech world are quite low tech. Let me whip out my latest example that left me flabbergasted standing in our kitchen next to the washing machine. We were trying to hook up a washing machine, and as we already had many problems with water and plumbing we were careful to conduct research to be sure we were not jeopardising a successful connection. However, one little glitch happened anyway, so that we ended up needing a plumber to come and fix it. To connect a washing machine one may not solely rely on the DIY products that are being sold to tighten the connection between the tubes of the water system with those of the washing machine. Professional plumbers use strings of hemp – yes, basic hemp that has been around for hundreds of years to make the connection so tight that no water escapes. It was a remarkable sight to see the tubes of one of our modern machines wrapped in stringy, hairy, brown hemp threads.

To summarise, three main guidelines can be put forth that will make pollution a non-issue in the Equal Money System:

Simplicity – we do not reinvent the wheel. We can use ingredients from nature that do the job and have done the job for centuries. My example here was hemp used in tightening water connections because the hemp swells up from the humidity and creates a water proof connection. There are plenty of other examples of this nature. The waste is minimal because the hemp is a perfectly integrated bio-organism that will deteriorate as food for living organisms in existing eco systems.

Need – money in the Equal Money System is not an issue. When the need for a product or material has been identified and approved as what is best for all, it will be created. It will be created from the best and most efficient production methods that integrate in the environment without polluting it.

Research – extensive testing from the creation cycle and the deterioration cycle of a particular product before it goes into circulation. As it is the only product of it’s kind because we no longer have product multiplication, how the product unfolds in use by the community can easily be monitored and any effects can be recorded and immediately be dealt with. Though this is not to say that there should be any effects at all because the more care has gone into researching the above mentioned cycles the less it is necessary to monitor the product. Monitoring will be done by those who use the product, a form of feedback in what they experience, which puts this responsibility of ongoing care for what we have created into the hands of the individual.

Finally, with these guidelines the protection of the environment from the point of pollution is not necessary because – in common sense- it is taken as a precaution that we do not pollute the environment in the first place by having procedures and mechanisms in place before we create anything that can pollute our world.

For additional information on the topic of Equal Money and much more, visit http://www.equalmoney.org and http://wiki.destonians.com/Equal_Money_System


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