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Border-crossing – the mental divide of real space and illusion

Ancient Map of Telnor

Whenever we travel outside of our habitual or cultural environment, we cross borders – mostly in the confines of an airport. In spite of our ability to instantly travel between countries and continents on the internet, where we call this digital ‘nearness’ the global village,  the physical reality reflects the reverse situation.  The core of physical border crossing is identity control.  The individual crossing the border must obtain permission to do so. Since the beginning of recorded history, the acquiring of territory and maintaining of borders has been the primary source of war, conflict and abuse, and this situation has not changed up until today.  Yet, there is no reality to the idea of borders and border-crossing because it is a conceptualisation of the mind that is imposed in a top-down manner onto physical space. Borders are an accepted illusion, there is no tangible equivalent from which borders spring forth and manifest in the world.  In other words, borders are not real, they shift and change depending on who is in charge and has the power to rule over others in form of states, nations, and countries.

When travelling between claimed territory by plane, airport border controls are laced with a thick procedure of security checks that encompass the inspection of luggage and physical bodies with the aim to minimise potential security risks for the country that is opening its gates for us. In my experience, all border crossing check points look the same with only one changing variable, which is the language spoken because it changes from border to border.  The agents in charge of checking travellers wear uniforms, they sit behind computers, scanning devices, and other machines which process information about each person who crosses the border.  Fascinatingly enough, the border-crossing personnel assesses each person not as the physical person that stands right in front of them. No, the assessment is done based on a proxy, the conceptualised idea about a person which is displayed in form of an image on a computer screen. We, the travellers, are not privy to this information, we can assume that a part of it contains our personal details such as name and address, yet the remainder, of what lurks on these screens and refers to us, is shrouded in mystery.

There is a sense of togetherness when going through the long haul of border-crossing and security check points.  Frequently a conversation pops up between fellow passengers. At the end of the conversation everyone participating is reassured that we are united in this ‘humiliating situation’, when we are stripped of shoes, belts, jackets and hats because our potential is perceived as threat to the world. Even when queuing with a more reserved crowd that not easily engages conversationally, the sight of a little child or an elderly person having to submit to the procedures will prompt us to verbally point out the ridiculousness of these controls. But how ridiculous are they really when we bring the point home to self and see what it is that we don’t want to see about who we are? We unite in complaining about check-point procedures because we don’t want to see beyond, what underlies this situation and how it unanimously implicates each one of us.

 When we realise that what is happening in real-time is equal to the inner reality that we carry around in our minds, we can start to investigate and step beyond the accepted self-victimisation.  We stop to believe that submitting to a ‘humiliating situation’ is engineered by an evil government that blindly enforces its laws and we realise that the powerlessness we experience is the perception of the mind as we allow and accept it.  We are the borders, the territory, the security checks, and we victimise ourselves daily.  Our own borders are just as imaginary as the borders we create in physical space to divide the world into countries and nations.  Our claim to territory is to prevent us from self-change.  What we defend are our limitations and how we have programmed ourselves in separation and division from others at every opportunity where our self-interest is threatened.  We use self-talk to validate the behaviors we enact to keep our borders intact. But here it is not about others being admitted inside, it is about us preventing ourselves from stepping outside our habitual territory so that we move ourselves into a new space where we can decide freely who we want to be in this moment, in this context, with these people.

This self-talk is our security check point, it is powerful beyond recognition. It contains every justification we launch in our minds to remain where we are – trapped and limited.  On an individual level, we deploy a personal arsenal of justifications that we can tailor to each situation. These mental security measures are extremely well-placed and they make so much sense that when we are in a given situation, where we have the opportunity to trespass our limitations, we are unable to recognise what we are doing to ourselves. We may have a glimpse in hindsight of what could have been, who we could have been, but the situation is gone and we will have to wait until next time…

In the meantime, there are reassuring conversation with fellow minds to be had – somewhere – on the internet, in the streets, at the airport,  where we reassure ourselves that change seems so impossible with the ultimate justification: because we are a victim of human nature.

Don’t wait till next time, dismantle your mental security check-point and walk out of your justifications.

Join us, and set yourself free



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2012 Anusian musings: Change of the unchangeable

In a recent interview by Anu I gained clarity on a particular topic. A topic that has been hovering in the background, waiting – I was waiting for myself to step out, to end the uncertainties about it, not to shy away from it and to get clarity once and for all. Here it goes:

Within numerous contexts, the world around me has reiterated that humans’ life on earth is getting better. Generally speaking, people have longer life expectancies; more people than ever before have access to medical support; more people than ever are literate; more babies than ever survive; more people than ever have clean water – and lastly, I have heard that we all live like kings compared to just a couple of 100 years ago.  Some people have made entire career out of providing the necessary statistical proof that we are in fact evolving and that life on earth, in general, is much better than it used to be (see Hans Rosling’s video for a review). Sure, there are problems but we seem to tackle these sooner or later because we have technologies and knowledge to do so.

On the contrary,  Desteni research has shown that the same basic components of war, abuse, terror, greed, self-interest are operating, like the stagnate components of a machine, keeping us in place although the wheels are spinning. When looking at the opposing pole of our wealth and well-being, we can equally recognise an augmentation of our abusive dimension as well: the hunting of animals till extinction, human trafficking and sex slave trade, the Gaza strip occupation, serial killings disguised as humanitarian wars, the sell out of education, the vaccination of babies and the distribution of psychopharmaca as candy, and so forth. How do these facts tally up when the world wants to make us believe that we are so much better of?

When I listened to Anu’s interview it dawned on me:

“…through my investigations in the very beingness of beings found that within our very presence, essence, substance, manifestation… there is constant change…. and …change meaning there is movement, there is evolution, there is development, there is growth, we are always constantly and continuously in constant change….ehm.. just by our very existence and interactions with existence, there is constant motion of alteration and change….. and if something is too perfect for an extended amount of time, that is questioned because it is not equal to and one with the constant change that is existent as our very selves, our beingness, that would want to come through that perfection and break through it …and… show that it is not real, where our very beingness will supersede the fake reality..”

What Anu is stating is that beyond the mind, beyond the programming we have accepted as us, we are always in change, that change is a constant of our beingness which penetrates the mental entrapment in which we exist.  If we were to discover that there is no change – what Anu called “too perfect” – or what can also be seen as ‘stagnation’, we would become suspicious of our enslaved existence, and may figure out that things are not what they seem. Thus, Anu had to create the illusion of change, which we would then accept as actual change so that our beingness was satisfied. We are therefore less inclined to investigate the reality we are living and creating, because we are living the change of the unchangeable.

The change of the unchangeable permeates all cultural pursuits, all technology, all literature, all music, all communication – all life styles. We experience a change of form, a change of parameters that determine the form, but the essence never changes. From magic circle story telling to social networking – the dimensionality of the form has changed because we have gone from analogue sound waves as spoken words that bounce back and forth between those who sit in the circle, around the fire, listening, waiting, until it’s their turn to tell…  to the story bits and pieces that are thrown up on a website as digitized visual display of binary code and shared with hundreds of virtual friends. Yet, the involved personality constructs, the manipulation through phrasing of word or story fragments, the packaged moralistic condemnations  –  all that which leads and constitutes ‘communication’ of the story  as well as the story content itself, remains stagnant and unchangeable.

I invite you to look at other topics and apply the formula of change of the unchangeable ( for example to movies) and see that Anu has given us another brick in our self-endorsed wall we now take apart and return to source. Interesting times are ahead where we will be living as actual change of the changeable – and that begins with establishing total equality between all that is here.

To de-brick start here: www.desteniiprocess.com

For literature and sounds that uncover the changeable read here: www.eqafe.com


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2012 ascension is a house made from clouds

For some people the year 2012 is the year of ascension. In the preceding years leading up to 2012, various media channels have presented us with individuals who have given us plenty of apparently solid reasons why we should join in with the light workers to make the transition and ascend because the world as we know it is coming to an end this year. All kinds of historical sources have been cited from the Mayan calendar to the yoga sutras to support this idea. The act that we have to go looking for hints to our future in scriptures we can only interpret, rather than understand, is a tell tale sign that we are denying ourselves the face value of our reality.

Face value in the sense that we take what is happening in the world, at this moment, as our primary source for response. Those who buy into the 2012 love and light campaign prefer to imagine what the world could be and then match their lives to what is being imagined while in the meantime the place we call home is continually spiraling down into greater abuse and atrocities. So, according to those who have bought into the imagination of what life could be for them rather than what it is, this year is bringing earth shattering changes, something that has never been seen before.

Within the 2012 love and light campaign it is generally understood that those who have paid their dues and prepared themselves by following, practicing and worshiping some form of love and light will ascend to the fifth dimension or enter the fourth density. ‘Something’ will happen to those who have worked hard to hold that ‘light’ vibration against all odds. They will be released from all the physical and psychological limitations and perils – they will enter a new and better world full of bliss. Once ascended one will be in a place where life has become eternally peaceful, where the struggle to survive, and the need to put up with those who can’t see the light will be no longer.

Since so many people ‘bank’ on these ideas, they must be true, how can so many people be wrong? For a moment let’s project towards the end of the year. The world has moved on with more poverty and starvation, more wars, more economic downturn and so forth. For those who work with and in the light, the end of the year will present a fork in the road, one can either admit that ascension is a figment of the mind, or one can continue denying the actual reality we live in by holding the vibration of blindness.

Blindness in the face of horrific events that occur in every sector of society, in every minute of earth time. Let’s be real here for a moment. None of us has been able to predict our personal future in the way that it would match with what truly ends up happening. Once we have arrived in the future we barely remember what was going on in our minds when we were at the stage of predicting it. It is safe to say in this way we are bound by human perception.

Another aspect of us predicting the future is that not only is the future unpredictable but that no one else’ future ever enters into the future we imagine. In the sense that together with others we create a web of interactions, interlinked with our actions and reactions and those of others. This does not play into future predictions, we are the only protagonist who is featured as the main star in our future perfect show. Those who are next of kin in our lives will have a side role that plays along with our main story. To encourage ourselves and to keep up the motivation we use hope and belief until we are unable to tell what is real and what is not.

2012 campaigners are experiencing exactly that, each one imagining themselves in their own ascension bubble. Together they create a collective future prediction that exists only in the mind, in complete opposition to all that is known in the physical world.  We can take a parallel example and smile about the outcome: one’s ideal home, house, or abode. We can imagine how we would want to live, and what it would look like.  We know that to build this abode every detail of this dream place has to be made possible with actual materials and building techniques. If we dream something up that has no basis in reality, for example a house made from clouds, we know that it will be impossible to create it in actual terms. We may be able to represent it in picture form but we are unable to walk inside and be alive in it. Yet, we can dream up a house based on what materials and techniques are known to us and even here we might not be able to match our imagination in exact ways because actual physical interactions with plans, materials and construction determine what can be done and what not. Our imagination is inferior to our physical reality.

A campaign such as the 2012 campaign where people will go to any stretch of the imagination to buy into it, exists in the system we have created because capitalism functions on the invention of needs and desires that can be sold to others. The 2012 love and light campaign is a lucrative way to make profit of people’s gullibility for a better world where they can remain safe in their bubble. Against all odds people will invest themselves in believing ascension is real, yet they will deny that a house made from clouds can be constructed and inhabited – not seeing that ascension is such a house made from clouds…

If you are ready to build a house made from real physical materials – one that changes the world, join us



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No more pilgrims to India seeking spirituality

Pilgrims to India are god’s business. Every year thousands of people flock to India to seek something that they cannot find within themselves. Spiritual pilgrims have become a money making machine in the Western world. Countless organisations cater to those who have the time and money for a ‘well-deserved’ break from their stressful lives. These pilgrims promise to put people in touch with the ‘rawness’ of life, to bring relief and to support the search of a ‘spiritual’ self which can only be found at some far off location in rural India.

For the longest time the concept of spirit has been the excuse par excellence to avoid dealing with reality as it is – as we have all participated in its creation. The concept of spirit has given us a card blanche, Westerns and Easterns alike, in turning a blind eye to the atrocities and sufferings that are occurring in every moment. The result shows that the more we have denied it the more the suffering has increased. It is through this idea of spirit that we excuse ourselves from taking responsibility, from letting the world go to pieces as long as we are alright. It is this idea of spirit that forms the blindfold towards any type of questioning whether it is truly acceptable to let members of one’s own species suffer without lifting a finger.

Along as we can have the luxury of travelling to the outskirts of our civilisations, of sitting somewhere cross-legged in hopes of enlightenment – then even those who starve should be happy because aren’t we working on their behalf as well…? The answer is clearly NO. Those who are deluded in thinking that they are working on behalf of all, to achieve world peace through spiritual pursuits seem to forget that to do so they utilise their bodies. Bodies that move in a physical reality, bodies to which they have to attend in order to ‘spirtitualise’ themselves anywhere in the world. This truth is far from evident to those who have wrapped themselves in the blanket of love and light while ascertaining that suffering can be ended through denial of what is here the world.

I speak from experience. For the year 2000 I travelled to India to sit cross-legged in an Ashram and chant for world peace. I was convinced that this was the path to changing the world because it required me to obtain a higher vibration, the discipline to meditate, to give up certain foods, and so forth. All of those things that I entertained as part of my spiritual path were an act of achievement, and I liked that. Achievement is something that we are taught to take seriously at an early age, every child, in every society on the planet. Achievement comes through performance and if we perform correctly we are rewarded in the end. This is what we call education. From a common sense perspective this is brainwashing. There is nowhere to go in this world except to be here. From a common sense perspective we can look back onto our personal history, or the world history, and we can learn that all we have ever achieved is the intensification of the same human traits which we use to excuse ourselves.

Expanding this truth in the context of love, light and spirit, we see the parallel unfoldment. Likewise, the mental state of achievement is just another brainwash. We discipline ourselves through the performance of spiritual practices in hopes of a reward – a blissful existence, world peace, or whatever else we can imagine as reward. Whatever else it is we get emotional about that we would like to wish away because it hurts to think about suffering – a convenient shutter to any kind of questioning of who we are in this world. This convenience only has one outcome: absolute denial and the inability to see things for what they are. To see the world for what it is, seriously. I mean how could we otherwise justify our inertia in a world where we as a species watch the murder of our own kind as a form of entertainment?  – and this is just to name one aspect.

The denial however has over time become so thick, like the gold-plating on a Buddha statue, that we are willing to continually draw on our own blindness from the past, our spiritual traditions – with awe and inspiration so that we can pursue following an ever so ephemeral non-existent, non-physical god. We are more willing to believe in something we cannot grasp with our senses than suspend the thought: “we do not know where we come from”, and accept that living without an answer cannot deter us from making the necessary changes for a better world for all.

Needless to say in an Equal Money System spirituality has come to an end in all its facets. There will be no spiritual holidays for Westerns, no spiritual merchandise – none of the spiritual material culture we have come to cherish over life itself. It will be the end of bringing food as offering to the gods, instead we will bring food to each other. It will be the end for Buddhas and other statues to have better shelter than most humans. It will be a total reversal of the spiritual damage we have inculcated in the exchange of denial that we are physical, in the world here, as life and that that must be the only thing on our agenda – to care for life – equal and one.

Wake up to the fact that you have been blinded – become seeing and join us for a better world for all!


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Equal Money: the end of Internet research for net buying & week long research to save $20.

In our current economic system our activities are centred on the making and consuming of goods and service. Those who have money are well aware of the equation that “time equals money”. It implies that those with access to money are able to buy themselves time whereas those who have little money will have to pay with their time to maximise their consumption. With the age of Internet shopping the relationship between time and money has reached a new high of abuse in what we have come to accept in the name of capitalism.

Shopping, one of the biggest diversions we take part in, has gotten even more out of hand with the digital era. Now everything can be had via remote button clicks – via net shopping. There is no limit to the imagination in demand and production of goods and services that exploit our natural resources and enslave those who work to make it happen. Before the digital era started, shopping was restricted to physically moving around town, or driving to the next town, or even shopping while travelling in another country – now, no one has to move an inch if they want to ‘surf’ shopping. The nature of contemporary shopping sprees has drastically changed thanks to the propagation of virtual storefronts, who are in the position to offer competitive pricing due to low overhead costs.

Within minutes one can virtually circulate their shopping request around the globe in search of the best deals. Let it be told that consumption has gotten easier because now “shop till you drop” is a thing of the past as physical exhaustion, racing to and from the shopping malls, has shifted to states of inertia which is part of the glorification of our sedentary lifestyle with its companions: obesity, back problems, wrist and eye strains. Moreover, this new way of shopping predicates the perfect set up to enter into a momentary obsession when searching to compare prices, to save that last penny in the discount of discounted prices. When this is achieved one can emerge as winner with the trophy of the best deal found in the entire online world, including the hidden cost of having squandered one’s precious life “time” for the exchange of the lowest monetary value when fulfilling dreams and desires.

From a common sense perspective, we can clearly see that this a ludicrous acceptance to be living one’s life on planet earth. We have equated the fact that we are alive with an ‘idea’ of value that is projected into the hunting and chasing of material objects through slavery. This is a common theme: slaving to find the best deals in the net is in line with slaving to earn money in some job – we delude ourselves when we are convinced that it is worth it. When we step back from these acceptances and look at what is really going on we can see that this type of life is not a ‘style’ but the abyss of an atrocity – one amongst many. Yet, all atrocities we are living as a human ‘race’ can be remedied in one fell swoop, with the Equal Money System.

The prerequisites for that are the following:  The Equal Money System denotes a credit system to facilitate and aid distribution of all goods and services to all equally. Goods and services are collectively determined, produced and distributed and made available to all with no monetary contribution involved. They are all of the highest quality possible, and all unused material and goods are continually recycled to become building blocks of the new. Discount within discount as we know it today cannot exist because competitive pricing as it is pursued in capitalism is no longer. In the context of distribution, the function of the Internet in the Equal Money System will be what the Internet can do best: support logistics and manage supplies. Similar to a virtual window or short cut into the physical world, the Internet will provide the convenience of effectively managing everyone’s time by facilitating oversight and pre-planning. The solution is based on common sense.

Distribution centres where goods and basic services can be obtained are located in one’s neighbourhood or vicinity. Each distribution center manages an inventory which is based on allocations of that vicinity.  The radius in which each centre operates is determined by a variety of data, such as topographical, infrastructure data, and data on population density. The items that are stocked in these distribution centers are available to all via online catalogues. These catalogues are automatically updated when an item has been picked up from one of the centres, and once the stock is low the information is signalled to those who are managing the supplies. If an item is not available at a particular centre, it can either be found elsewhere which maybe further away from one’s immediate location, so for example in the next neighbourhood, or it can be ordered online and delivered to one’s local distribution centre. Distribution centres may also be thematic, similar to markets that are catering to those who are looking to obtain building supplies, food, textiles and so forth.

An Equal Money System spells the end of wasting one’s time on abusive activities such as online researching of items for the best value for money. The role of any material object is to be in the service of life, which is reversing the current situation, where life in the service of the material consumption – humans literally ‘consuming’ themselves up. The production of goods and services will no longer exist in the context of competition, the daily race we all live by has come to an end.

Join us and free yourself from all types of shopping sprees!

for additional information check





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Critical positioning just isn’t enough – comments on Patrick Henningsen’s post on the Occupy Movement

During my research on the internet I often read up on the latest political developments posted by the “Centre for Research on Globalization”. I generally see value in the posted insights, though as I found out today, this depends largely on the author who has contributed to the current edition.

When I read the recent post I realised that critical positioning towards world affairs just is not enough to make valid statements that will help us create a better future for all. The article I am talking about, titled “Here’s the Risk: “Occupy” ends up doing the bidding of the global elite” by Patrick Henningsen, makes this point.

The article starts out with a first promising sentence:  “History shows us it is easy for ‘grassroots’ campaigns to become co-opted by the very interests they are fighting against”. When I started reading here I was quite intrigued in finding out where the author would take this provocative phrase, and saw it as a great opportunity to expose a much overlooked point by those who are fighting on behalf of the Occupy Movement.  However when I read on, I saw that Mr. Henningsen simply gave us an overview of similar occurrences in our political history with a concluding paragraph that reads like this:

“When the dust settles and it’s all said and done, millions of Occupy participants may very well be given a sober lesson under the heading of “controlled opposition”. In the end, the Occupy movement could easily end up doing the bidding of the very elite globalist powers that they were demonstrating against to begin with. To avoid such an outcome, it’s important for a movement to have a good knowledge of history and the levers of power in the 21st century.”

From the first line of this article to this concluding paragraph, the relevance of the issues that are being raised initially is entirely missed from the perspective that I am coming from –  namely, to create a viable future for all humans.  Moreover, the content and choice of words for this opening sentence already implies the issue that would need to be addressed if the author was going to write a bit more than a historical review. Mr. Henningsen’s choice of words then does not justify the concluding paragraph.

The dead give away of where this article should be taken is in the use of the word ‘co-opted’. To co-opt something means that that which is being co-opted is disconnected, in some shape or form, from the lived and shared reality. It means that not all aspects of the idea have been understood, or have been properly evaluated. To ‘co-opt’, in the case of the Occupy Movement, means that those who are part of the movement come to this movement to fulfill a reactionary role, which meets, in logical manner, with more reactionary control by those who are in charge of the money.

It means that Occupy movers have not understood that their reaction towards the global financial and political situation entails a form of aggression similar to the aggression that is being launched in the name of the global money markets. A co-opted act or idea states clearly that somewhere is a flaw where the idea or the act has not been pinned down, where it has been left ‘open’ so that it can be used against those who are acting on the idea. Thus, the outcome is all the same, it has no effect in containing the real issues, or bringing about changes that can be practical and useful for the population.

In the last paragraph, the author sums up the dilemma of the Occupy Movement of being one of lack of knowledge about similar historical situations as well as knowing the “levers of power in the 21st century”. Again, this is a missed opportunity to point out that just ‘knowing’ is not enough as the author himself demonstrates by having written the historical review. What is missing is common sense, or a practical solution that addresses the real underpinned issues of the bigger picture. This bigger picture tells us, first of all, that we are all in the same boat i.e. one planet. This common sense ‘knowledge’ would already take us back down to earth in grasping that any form of aggression will not resolve the situation. It would tell us that the Occupy Movement does nothing more but Occupy our time and common sense and in the end stifle the process of implementing a solution.

A solution that will help us all is based on the recognition, as I said above, that we are all in the same boat, hence all have to take part in this solution to be brought about equally. To scratch the word ‘co-opted’ and maintain an inclusive approach,  without anyone having to subscribe to emotional involvement such as aggression or anger –  it simply means each person has a voice to contribute… and that translates to democratic means: “one man, one vote”.

I am one vote for an Equal Money System!

Get your facts straight and be part of the solution – stop wasting precious time and bring about a peaceful change –

Joins us!


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What will happen to the media in an Equal Money System?

The media in our current political and economic system is a tool that is used to influence the masses in order to generate profit for those in power.  Media channels spread across all different forms of communication whether is it magazines, television, internet or radio, and wealthy media corporations, owned by a few, are able to enforce their agenda in a number of ways.  The tactics used to ‘bend’ the truth can reach from disseminating information that is ‘pro’ a specific issues while the same media conglomerate supports the distribution that is apparently anti-establishment. All the while creating confusion among members of the public, which then allows those who control the media to do just that – to pull the strings that emphasise the priorities of a preset agenda.

There are many examples that can be given in how the media abuses each of the channels that carry news and information to the public. No topic escapes manipulation, whether this is done directly through distortion, or selectively emphasising, or even by withholding aspects of the item in question all together, or it is done by purposefully given a lot of attention to irrelevant topics. For example the clothes a celebrity is wearing, which serves to divert and distract from more important issues that affect millions of people’s lives.

Media corporations pump huge amounts of money into ‘public relations’ to create a machine, which packages news and information with absolute precision with the aim to misrepresent our shared reality. This approach calls for ever new innovations  in how to manipulate and deceive the public. Among the latest of these innovations must be those who are paid by big media conglomerates to blog under false pretense, to spread the propaganda of the preset money agenda. In a nutshell, the way the media operates in the current political and economic system is a form of warfare.

How is this going to change in an equal money system? First of all, let’s establish the key points from which it is fairly easy to envision what the role of the media will be in the future. We know that all members of the community are equal, and have equal news and information that needs to be distributed. We know that in an EMS there is no leadership and thus news and information must come directly from those who are working at the source of the situation or are directly involved with the topic to be reported upon.

This makes it quite clear that the primary role of the media is to facilitate distribution of news and information which is generated by the community. Thus, the overall function of EMS media is regulatory in how news and information is best funnelled through the various communication channels that are globally and equally available to all. As humans we exist in time which makes our interaction sequential. Therefore EMS media will also concern itself in assisting with the prioritising and categorising of news and information so that the individual member can easily navigate the volume of news and information produced by the community.  Another concern for EMS media will be to provide a platform for the transmission of communication in different languages, this needs to include translations services or other support that will make sure that news and information coming in will be accessible in all different languages equally.

News and information is left untreated by the EMS media, it is neither evaluated, nor censored, nor ameliorated as that is the responsibility that lies with each member to decide what is best for all. However, EMS media will consist of several committees that enable members of the public to give feedback on news and information which will then be immediately taken on by the committee, and upon investigation solutions will be implemented. It will also be the responsibility of each member to flag any news item or piece of information that they do not deem as standing in the principle of equality.

Another committee will be formed to consider how the distribution works, while those on the committee will be placed in temporary positions and rotated on the basis of elections. The total number of committees necessary to run the media machine will emerge from the actual implementation of the EMS, including the technology that makes up the forms of media as well as the distribution.

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